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We Survived

We survived the Mayan apocalypse. Also Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, and Honey Boo Boo.

Artist - Pat Bagley

As predicted, the House failed to pass a relief funding bill for Hurricane Sandy victims last night.

The House also hasn't passed H.R. 8, the American Taxpayer Relief Act (the "fiscal cliff" deal) which passed the Senate last night by a margin of 89 to 8. House Republicans amended the bill to include more spending cuts and sent it back to the Senate.

Update... House Republicans canceled the amendment vote because they couldn't find enough votes to pass their own spending cuts. They will vote on the Senate bill tonight.

Update 2... The bill passed at approximately 11 p.m. by a margin of 257 to 167

  • mrbrink

    The market should react positively to the huge sell-off in cock blockers.

  • andrewdski

    Vote is all but over now. I can see why Boehner did this. <160 Nays on the Republican side. They had no chance of passing any amendments.

  • mrbrink

    President Bugs Bunny vs. The GOP.

    Long live Democracy.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Hey, I made a video a year ago using plenty of clips from that cartoon.

      • mrbrink

        Ha. Nice.

        I’ve been thinking of that cartoon all week watching the GOP’s great train robbery fail.

        It goes together like the Wizard of Oz and Dark side of the Moon.

  • mrbrink

    Watching CSPAN right now.

    Nancy Pelosi always gets me fired up. She never ceases to amaze me, just when you think you’re dealing with a lame duck, she flies, baby.

    Great theater. I love this stuff.

  • mrbrink

    Oh yeah. This vote is happening tonight.

    America will remember this night for 15 ever minutes as the night Congress did something extremely ordinary.

  • nicole

    If it doesn’t pass the House, Boehner is finished. Cantor will take his place, which is, of course, worse.

    Adds ….via ABC News “House Republicans have agreed to have an up-or-down vote on the bipartisan Senate deal to avert the “fiscal cliff,” rather than trying to amend the Senate bill with more spending cuts before voting, according to a senior GOP leadership aide.”

    • JMAshby

      The started whipping votes for the amendment and discovered they didn’t have enough, so they called it off.

      They are bumbling fools.

      • nicole

        “They are bumbling fools.”

        Yes they are,

        • mrbrink

          Louie Gohmert took to the House floor in utter disbelief at his party’s bumbling-fool-ways.

          Louie Gohmert.

          It was hilarious.

          I think it sounded like the Old South dying a little bit inside.

          • 1933john

            It’s like a bunch of monkeys trying to fuck a football.

          • mrbrink

            Sounds forcible, legitimate, and patriotic.

          • nicole

            LOL. I would love to be reporting from the House floor……….good times!

          • mrbrink

            Bunch of weepy and defeated Larry The Cable Guys over there, but they’ll carry on like they just won the Super Bowl Civil War.

            We know better.

          • D_C_Wilson

            When Representative Terror Babies thinks you’re a bunch of bumbling fools . . .

            Actually, there’s no metaphor to describe how stupid you are then.

          • mrbrink


      • D_C_Wilson

        Bumbling fools that are protected by gerrymandering for the foreseeable future.

        This country is fucked.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Boehner might be finished either way. If it doesn’t pass, he could be out as speaker for failing to make a deal. If it does pass, he could be out for making a deal with the Kenyan usurper.

      Cantor has put enough knives in Boehner’s back already that this might be the final stroke. He’s such a sleaze that he’ll be even worse as Speaker than Boehner.

      • nicole

        Oh yeah, he probably is out either way, but failing to even bring this thing to a vote would probably ensure a faster exit.

        Cantor is even bigger scum than Boehner.

        • mrbrink

          I think this isolates/checks Cantor.

          Boehner’s got “hand.”

  • nicole

    “House Republicans amended the bill to include more spending cuts and sent it back to the Senate.”

    Just watched PBS News, and a Rep. wingnut puke from somewhere said that they did not amend the bill, and that he has hopes it will go through tonight.

    So, just wondering where you found the info behind your blurb. No idea who is right.

    Adds…..Just checked the network news rss feeds, and see nothing about an amendment. Senate Democrats have said that if the House amends the bill, they will not consider it.

    • JMAshby

      They’re voting on amendments soon. I was just being preemptive.

      If they fail to pass their own amendment, that’ll be really funny. In a dark sort of way.

      • nicole

        Too preemptive, Ashby. :)

        Actually, Pelosi believes they can pass it with an up or down vote, thus avoiding amendments. Let’s hope that’s what happens!

        • JMAshby

          They’re voting for amendments before the rest of it. If any amendments pass, it’s done.

          I’ll update the post if they fail to pass their own amendment.