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Welcome to Glenn Beck’s Grifter Theme Park

My Monday column begins like so:

This is what happens when one very delusional, very opportunistic grifter makes more money than he knows what to do with thanks to easily-tricked disciples who willingly endorse his madness. Yes, Glenn Beck is building an amusement park called -- what else? -- Independence Park.

But he's pitching it to be much more than a roadside tourist trap with a tilt-a-whirl, concessions and skeeball. Beck and his ridiculous imagineers want their herd of followers to believe it's a real city -- their own version of Ayn Rand's "Galt's Gulch," a place that's entirely divorced from the rules of American society, yet it ironically claims to be a facility for elevating the Beck version of American values and teaching it to suckers who pay the price of admission.

Realistically, it's a monument to the conservative entertainment complex. [continue reading]

  • muselet

    The only way this will come to be is if someone else puts up the money. Glenn Beck is a certifiable loon, but he’s not crazy enough to lose $2 billion of his own money.

    His followers, on the other hand …


  • Draxiar

    Talk about taking the Blue Pill….yeesh…

  • LeShan Jones

    Shouldn’t his theme park be called Rapture? I think that would be a more fitting name for a couple of reasons.

  • Michael J. West

    Disney is not the right comparison. Remember Heritage USA?

  • JimmyAbra

    Very Disney to the neighborhood where people can live in overpriced homes with high regulations! If it were really independent he’d just let people bring in their construction crews and put their house whereever…zoning be damned!

    • IrishGrrrl

      Exactly! Let ‘em have high noon shoot outs wherever they want whenever they want to fight over property. Free markets, no gun control and no jackbooted fascists….Glibertarian paradise. It would certainly reduce the stupidity level in the U.S. pretty fast.