What Could Go Wrong?

Regardless of the timing, this is ridiculous and childish, but it's even more reprehensible considering that someone used the same rifle -- an AR-15 -- to shoot people in the Clackamas Town Center several weeks ago.

An infamous "Second Amendment educator" from the southern Oregon city of Medford alarmed many in Portland when he and a friend were spotted wandering neighborhood streets armed with assault rifles. [...]

On Wednesday, Drouin, 22, and his friend Steven M. Boyce of Gresham decided to "educate the public" on their Second Amendment rights by walking around Southeast Portland with their AR-15s slung over their shoulders.

Their provocation [] soon elicited nearly a dozen 911 calls to police from citizens who remember the December 11th shooting at nearby Clackamas Town Center all too well.

Who is to say that another armed citizen won't mistake two men walking down the street with loaded assault rifles as a threat and take their own action against them?

It seems to me that assault rifles are replacing muscle cars and super-duty trucks as penis extensions, and until further notice we should assume that anyone walking down the street with a rifle hung over their shoulder has serious manhood issues.

The next time a woman is spotted walking down the street carrying a loaded rifle, maybe I'll reevaluate my opinion.

  • LeShan Jones

    Just read about this on Crooks and Liars, I recall there was another nimrod who did this same thing a couple of weeks back, these idiots are always in their twenties.
    One day someone is going to pull a similar dumb stunt like this, and wind up in a shootout with another gun-nut, because there is no way of knowing the intent of some dick walking down the street packing a high-powered weapon.
    The bad thing is, that like the gang-bangers back in L.A they start shooting at one another and they’re likely to only hit bystanders rather than each other.

  • Kevin Krupski

    If by educate they mean needlessly scare the crap out of them, then yes Virginia, you were successful.