Epic Fail

What Could Go Wrong?

What could go wrong when an armed guard hired by an elementary school leaves his gun in the bathroom?

An armed guard at a Lapeer, Mich., charter school -- hired in the wake of the Newtown massacre -- made a "breach of security" this week when he left his gun unattended in the bathroom "for a few moments," Chatfield School Director Matt Young told the Flint Journal. The gun was unloaded.

Young said in a statement, according to the paper: "The school has put additional security procedures in place that follow local law enforcement practices and guidelines. At no time was any student involved in this breach of protocol. We will continue to work on improving school security."

The gun wasn't loaded and a child didn't pick it up this time, but what about next time? Tell me again why a gun has any place in an elementary school.

If I were a local parent, I would be enraged.

  • muselet

    Leaving a firearm in a loo is a “breach in security protocol”? And what happens to Barney Fife’s less competent cousin is “a personnel matter”?

    Lord love a duck.


  • gescove

    The call for armed guards (or teachers, administrators, or janitors for that matter) is an incredibly moronic knee-jerk reaction. This is one school, in the first week of having an armed guard, who is a retired sheriff no less. Now multiply that times 65000 elementary schools, times who knows how guards & guns each, times who the hell knows what kind of training or experience, times who the hell knows how many years because it is not addressing the real issues. What a perfectly stupid and effective recipe for an on-going unmitigated disaster. FYI, I am shouting vile curse words at teh stoopid as I type this.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    This morning I posted my logic question about shooting “the government” over on HuffPo, and got some interesting responses. Disregarding the insults and paranoid/narcissistic fantasies of varying intricacy, the more sober responses amounted to this:

    I want the government to know the people are armed. … I want them to have to assume everyone is armed, and behave themselves accordingly. … The government knowing that there are millions of [guns] out there [will] be deterred from going down the path of tyranny.

    So that’s it then. They don’t actually want to shoot “the government.” They just want to feel that “the government” — which in reality is an incredibly complex, diverse and ever-changing organization consisting of three branches, dozens of agencies, hundreds of subdivisions and thousands upon thousands of people, but which they’ve personified as a singular entity capable of experiencing individual human emotion and exercising individual human will — is afraid of them.

    • muselet

      At the risk of sounding insulting (Insulting? Moi?), people who think like that seem to live their lives in terror of … well, everything, really, and want someone else—anyone else—to be terrified of them. And since they’ve been spoon-fed a load of codswallop about *scary music sting* evil government jackbooted thugs tyranny!, that’s the target they choose.

      That they wouldn’t stand a snowball’s chance against a platoon of Marines—or, as someone said on another site, a single sniper—is something they’d never admit because WOLVERINES! Or something.