You Say Jump. We Say How High?

The NRA says jump and gun nuts say "how many guns should we buy?"

How about all of them?

No, really -- gun stores are running out of guns to sell.

“We were just swamped in here as soon as he got off the news,” manager Bill Loane of Pasadena Pawn & Gun in Maryland said of the reaction to Obama’s gun proposals. “People were just pouring through the door.” [...]

The AR-15-style rifle, which is among the most popular firearm models in America, came to wider attention after Adam Lanza used one in Newtown. Fearing a ban, Loane said, his customers are paying unprecedented prices for the few guns still available.

“I just sold a lower model one the other day for $2,195 over the phone,” Loane said of a gun that a few months ago might have gone for about $1,200. “The guy had to have it. He didn’t even see the gun.”

David Stone said his Dong’s Sporting & Reloading Goods in Tulsa, Okla., was packed wall-to-wall all day on Wednesday. Stone said buyers barely paused during what he described as a “buying frenzy” to listen to the president speak over a local reporter’s iPhone.

“We’re having people call on the phone,” Stone said. “I’m the only store in Oklahoma from what customers are telling me that has AR-15s.”

If it were gasoline, there would be outrage over price gouging, but since we're talking about our beloved rifles, no one cares. They'll pay any price for that sweet metal because the NRA and Fox News told them the president is going to confiscate their guns.

If they weren't so selfish and irresponsible I'd say the gun lobby were geniuses for figuring out how to dupe their loyal customers into buying anything they tell them to without any tangible reason to do so.

The firearms industry has been scaremongering over confiscation for decades. And it works. All the NRA has to say is jump, and gun nuts will trip over themselves stampeding toward the nearest gun store.


  • Mustang Bobby

    And they said that Barack Obama was doing nothing to stimulate the economy…

  • gescove

    Ads in the local paper are urging people to “hurry in and buy before the ban”. Sheesh.

  • Ipecac

    The desperate need to have a device to make it easier to kill people is utterly foreign to me. What idiots.

  • sherifffruitfly

    and then they’ll have no money, and go begging the GUBMINT for food assistance and what-not.