Chris Christie

Chris Christie Still Isn’t Your Best Friend

I'm still hearing from liberals who say they would vote for him for president. And I always thought we were the smart ones, but clearly too many of us are either easily duped or we're desperate to undermine our own values. Christie, it turns out, vetoed a bill that would've helped homeowners facing foreclosure in New Jersey -- wait, correction. It's not one bill. He vetoed two bills that would've helped homeowners:

The first bill would have empowered New Jersey’s Housing Mortgage and Finance Agency to purchase foreclosed homes and transform them into affordable housing. [...] The second bill would have improved New Jersey’s program to help unemployed or underemployed homeowners make their mortgage payments.

All the straight-talk in the world doesn't make up for the fact that he's a hardline conservative on almost every issue.

  • willpen

    Thank you so so much for saying this Bob. I live in NJ and when I hear friends and neighbors speaking about how much they like him, for many reasons, it takes all my control not to go over and bitch slap them all.

    I live in Somerset County which is in the top 10 richest Counties in this Country. You would think that there wouldn’t be a problem here with foreclosures, but we have taken such a beating here and million + dollar homes are going into foreclosure. It is despicable and that “fat tub of lard” of a Governor is even more hypocritical and despicable. I was so hoping that Corey Booker would womp his ass in the next election but it seems he is going the Senate route which is probably better for us.

  • SlapFat

    I never get it when people describing themselves as “liberal” turn around and say something oblivious like that they could vote for Gov. Christie. If nothing else those people and their thinking are proof of just how oblivious Americans can be regarding politics in their own country. A brief news story highlighting a lighthearted or charismatic moment of a politician does not make them anymore viable for office, and anyone convinced by such a small display should refrain from voting.

    Low-information voters are really, really bad.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Just another of the disdainful things Christie has done that Democrats can use against him, should he ever run for president. And that’s growing into a huge pile.

    • bphoon

      A huge pile of…yeah…

  • incredulous72

    Let’s be clear, Christie is NOT a straight talker; he’s a hypocritical double talker and yes, he’s a hardline GOPer.

    Any democrat that claims they could vote for Christie either does not live in the tri-state area, or is NOT a real liberal.

  • JMAshby

    He also vetoed an increase of minimum wage last week

  • trgahan

    Because the average American can’t be helped paying back banks that took trillions of federal money to balance their badly managed businesses and were allowed to write off BILLIONS in debt. It would just encourage irresponsible behavior.