War On Women

Codifying Stupid

Oklahoma State Sen. Clark Jolley (R) evidently plans to reach out to women by treating them like they’re idiots.

One state lawmaker wants to continue stripping insurance coverage for reproductive health services, advancing a measure that would allow employers to refuse to cover birth control for any reason — based solely on the fact that one of his constituents believes it “poisons women’s bodies.”

Under State Sen. Clark Jolley (R)’s measure, “no employer shall be required to provide or pay for any benefit or service related to abortion or contraception through the provision of health insurance to his or her employees.” According to the Tulsa World, Jolley’s inspiration for his bill came from one of his male constituents who is morally opposed to birth control, and wanted to find a small group insurance plan for himself and his family that didn’t include coverage for those services.

The male constituent State Senator Clark Jolley reportedly got the idea from says women are “being asked to suppress and radically contradict part of their own identity, and if that wasn’t bad enough, they are being asked to poison their bodies.” State Senator Clark Jolley

According to ThinkProgress, the measure has already passed the Oklahoma state Senate Health committee, meaning we’re now codifying gems of wisdom such as ‘women are poisoning their bodies with birth control.’

And, not to let it go without a response, Clark Jolley’s esteemed male constituent also says the ability to become pregnant is part of a woman’s identity, which I’m willing to bet would not be part of your average woman’s sense of identity if you were to ask them rather than delegate to them.

I’m no more qualified to say what other human beings should consider to be part of their identity than Dr. Dominic Pedulla is, and this is a clear example that this has nothing to do with health or safety and everything to do with preserving patriarchy.

The Republican re-branding effort is going swell.

  • http://www.facebook.com/okflowerchild Linda Tenney Sexton

    Dear God, please let us win the lottery so we can move our whole family out of here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Craig-Popkess/1348496615 Craig Popkess

    Oklahoma has secretly been in a race with Kansas to see who can appear closer to the 19th Century. The Oklahoma Legislature is making every effort to show that their men are more ignorant about science than even Kansas. While hard to do, they appear to be succeeding. This is why I left and will never return as a resident.

  • jeanne marie

    I would venture to guess they have no problem covering Viagra.

  • Draxiar

    ~ Again, what if an employer was opposed to organ transplants and blood tranfusions? What if they had some moral objection to eye glasses or hearing aids? Could they then refuse to have insurance coverage for those things?
    ~ As far as “poisoning their bodies” goes…you need look no further than an ingredients label of your average processed food to find the poison and they may as well remove just about every drug from the shelves.

  • muselet

    I wasn’t aware that cardiology training made one expert in any field but cardiology. Come to find out, cardiology training also makes one competent in gynecology, psychology and women’s health.

    I learn something new every damn’ day.