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Hip Hop Has Finally Come to the GOP

Hip Hop has finally come to the GOP, but not at the behest of Michael Steele.

Here’s Nicole Wallace on Marco Rubio during ABC’s This Week panel.

“He’s everything we need and more. He’s modern. He knows who Tupac is. He is on social media,” Wallace said. “I mean, he’s got the policy. He’s in touch with, I think, the lives of ordinary people. And he’s a very accessible guy. He talks about being a working dad and juggling his own priorities.”

Rubio is modern because he’s “on social media” and he “knows who Tupac is?” I suppose he’s aware of the emails and the intertubes, too.

There’s a lot more to being modern than being aware of social media or being aware of Tupac (who, by the way, is still relevant to modern culture but has been dead since 1996).

Rubio’s policies are not modern. He believes the jury is still out on climate change and he isn’t necessarily on board with comprehensive immigration reform unless it comes with a host of conservative, face-saving gestures that water it down. And policy is what truly matters.

To say he “knows who Tupac is” is no more a testament to your ability to reach out to a different demographic of voters than is delivering your conservative manifesto in Spanish. Either way, you’re speaking another language to people who simply do not share in your value of small government, austerity, discrimination, and conspiracy mongering.

  • mrbrink

    If Marco Rubio isn’t name dropping Tupac in the context of:

    being born into the Black Panther party; getting shot five times; gun violence in America; social justice in America; getting a “Thug Life” tattoo; doing time in prison; America’s overcrowded prisons; the drug war; economic inequality; why Tupac always believed P-diddy had something to do with him getting shot the first, and possibly the last time– You are a fake ass bitch, bitch. Go home and tell your mama I said so.

    Because Marco Rubio claiming to know who Tupac is, or was(is?), and getting approximately unlimited street credits(did I say that correctly?) because he says he’s bounced his head off a cinder block to the beats and chorus of a few songs will get your ass kicked and your pockets turned out in some of the better parts of the country.

    • muselet

      For you, sir.

      And where would you like your internets delivered?


  • GOVCHRIS1988

    know who Tupac is. Really? I can’t believe it, but that is just the
    whitest thing any person has just said. I never thought in this day in
    age, referencing a very popular rapper would be seen as very white, but
    when it comes out of a Republican strategists mouth, its just……….

    screw it. Republicans should nominate Beanie Siegel. Or how about Suge
    Knight. THERE’S a concealed carry advocate if I ever saw one. How bout
    Lil Jon?

  • trgahan

    Is it me, or on this run up to the State Of the Union address has the media all the sudden dubbed Rubio is “the Future of a renewed GOP!” even though he pretty much sunk his own ship during the month after the 2012 election and has been hiding ever since?

    Liberal media bias indeed.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Our liberal media is mostly in the business of photocopying GOP press releases. Republicans know they need an image makeover and Rubio is pretty much tailor made for it. He’s ethnic but still looks white bread enough that he can walk into the country club without triggering a need for smelling salts.

      I doubt he has any chance of getting the 2016 nomination, though. They’re not quite ready for THAT yet, but he’ll make a good poster boy for selling the same shit from the same cow.

      • trgahan

        I just can’t wait for when conservatives discover that a wealthy Cuban American spouting supply side economics DOES NOT speak for the Mexican, Guatemalan, etc housekeepers, line cooks, landscapes, framers, roofers, and/or the guy waiting in the parking lot hoping some job creator will hire him for another day of off the books labor.

        Just like bringing in a bunch of right wing catholic pundits didn’t deliver the Hispanic vote in 2004 and 2008. Cause, you know, Hispanics are Catholic; therefore they’ll have to vote how we say good catholics vote…