Horse Meat Isn’t So Bad. Comparatively.

They found traces of horse meat in the beef that's supplied to Burger King stores in the UK.

And you know what? The horse meat isn't anywhere near the worst thing about eating a Burger King sandwich. Until a couple of years ago, Burger King meat contained the ammonia-washed byproduct filler material known as "pink slime." Combine that with the fat, sodium and caloric count, it's crap in a bun. And the bun is crap, too. Meanwhile, NPR reports:

Horsemeat actually contains just as much protein and far less fat than beef, according to nutritionists.

If you're worried that eating horse is somehow more cruel than eating cows because horses are noble, visit a meat processing plant sometime. It's a hellscape no matter what, from the exploited undocumented workers to the processing techniques.

  • Equineaffair

    Yes, horse meat IS bad. The methods used to kill the horses were designed for cows; who are not flight animals. Horses phisicality with their longer necks and quick reaction times allow them to avoid the initial shot from a captive bolt as they panic and try to escape, often leading to consciousness while being slaughtered alive. Besides any ethical concerns, horses aren’t raised as food and any domestic horse might have been routinely been given drugs that cause cancer and a host of other nasty things in humans (google bute). These drugs are given to horses as routinely as we take aspirin. If that horse was ever anywhere near a racetrack ( or even showings sometimes) it was a walking chemistry project. Wild horses are an exception but they are banned from being sold to slaughter ( though it does happen) I have no problem with a horse being humanely put down and it’s meat being used for pet food . (I’d rather see a horse euthed than starved to death in someone’s back yard) but you’re wrong to state that horse meat is no worse than other meat.

  • muselet

    This isn’t a story about, as Vicki Barker snidely puts it, “eating Mr. Ed”, a formulation that makes it easy to laugh at those silly, horsey Brits. It’s not about the relative nutritional value of horse meat, either. It’s a serious story about adulterated food products and the deceptive labeling of those products.

    It will be interesting to see what the Cameron government will do as in response to this. Will the Food Standards Agency be given more funding and authority? More broadly, will the European Food Safety Authority react? (I don’t think we have to ask what will happen here in the US.)

    (Before anyone jumps on me, of course fast food isn’t good for you. But shouldn’t even unhealthy fast food be made of the ingredients the company claims? To me, that’s the point.)


  • Corebela

    Cue all the people gagging when they find out. Then go right to eating their chemicals and salt in a bag/bun.