Open Thread

I’m the NRA

Artist - John Cole

In other news, according to Princeton scientist Sam Wang, Republican gerrymandering prior to the 2012 election was equivalent to 1.7 million Democrats staying home.

The depressing irony is that it was Democrats staying home in 2010 that gave Republicans the power to make such sweeping changes.

Also -- let it be known that I correctly predicted the winner last night! Go me! (yes I know, no one cares)

  • mrbrink

    So let it be noted. Recognized and witnessed, on this day, January something, 2013.

    Ashby 1– Nate Silver 0. Ha ha!

    When I suggested there were ghosts in the Superdome, they called me crazy. Well who’s crazy now? =)

  • i_a_c

    I have a general question about the website. I vaguely remember a post about setting all of the JavaScript objects (like the Google+ and Twitter widgets and of course the Disqus module) to load after the rest of the page. Is the script set to activate after a certain number of seconds? If so, I think that it could be decreased to just a couple of seconds rather than several. Most of the page objects load pretty quickly, and I have a pretty modest connection.

    I know, it’s a pretty picky suggestion for a minor inconvenience. Feel free to ignore it.