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It’s About Time

According to Talking Points Memo, Democratic campaign operatives are planning to push back against the Chris Christie love-fest.

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) continues to revel in high approval ratings and bipartisan praise following his handling of Hurricane Sandy, national Democrats are readying their plans to cast him as a far-right conservative ahead of the November gubernatorial election.

On Monday, EMILY’s List (a group focused on promoting pro-choice Democratic women to office) hinted at a Democratic electoral strategy in New Jersey centered on reminding voters about Christie’s record before Sandy, when national Republicans loved him and Democrats said he was far to the right of the electorate in the blue state he leads.

You actually don’t have to go back to a time prior to Hurricane Sandy to find a substantive trespass committed by Governor Chris Christie.

More recently, Christie vetoed an increase to the state’s minimum wage, vetoed two bills that would have helped New Jersey homeowners refinance their homes, and has seemingly taken the NRA’s position on violent video games and mental health.

  • willpen

    The problem is that at this point we don’t have a strong candidate to go up against Christie. Cory Booker would have been a great choice but his destiny is in the Senate which I am happy about. The problem with Christie is that there are many in this state, even Democrats, that do like him. I don’t get it but these are friends of mine that are usually very liberal minded but for some reason have been sucked into Christie’s orbit by his huge presence, both metaphorically and physically.

  • bphoon

    Nobody with an ‘R’ after his/her name is your friend. Period.

    • mrbrink

      It would be difficult to type truer words.