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Marco Rubio is Far, Far Right

There’s this:

In the National Journal’s 2011 vote rankings, Rubio ranked as the 13th most conservative senator, while Heritage Action’s scorecard has Rubio as the third most conservative in the 112th congress, behind only now-former senator Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).

Rubio is also one of just nine senators who got a perfect 100 from the American Conservative Union in 2011, and he was one of just five to earn an A+ from the conservative group Americans for Prosperity.

And Rubio has really shown his conservative colors in recent weeks. He was one of just five Republicans to vote against the so-called “fiscal cliff” deal on New Year’s Day and voted against the Hurricane Sandy relief bill (instead voting for a smaller version) and against the three-month debt ceiling delay.

So he’s entirely out of touch with his working class neighbors. In fact, he’s out of touch with most of the country. It’s why the tea party loves him so much.

  • muselet

    I wonder what Marco Rubio’s working class neighbors think of this.


  • GrafZeppelin127

    The more I think about it, the more I think the Republican Party hasn’t actually “moved to the right” or “become more conservative.” I would submit that “moving to the right” is not the same as saying crazy, stupid and offensive things while performing an improv act that takes place in an imaginary world filled with imaginary people who represent imaginary threats, and in which the performers espouse a deeply paranoid, narcissistic, mean-spirited, selfish, cruel and resentful worldview.

    Being “conservative” is one thing; acting selfish, cruel, mean, self-congratulatory, resentful, stupid, crazy and offensive is another.

    • MrDHalen

      They’ve become a cult worshiping a historically false image of Ronald Regan, with Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist, and Dick Cheney as some of Regan’s disciples. Hate radio & Fox news is how the preach to the congregation.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        Right. But becoming a cult and “moving to the right” are two different things.

        • MrDHalen


    • D_C_Wilson

      It’s reached the point where being a republican is now a license to be a dick.