Energy Wingnuts WTF

Old Men Yell at Clouds. City Council Votes to Remove Clouds.

I had no idea this is a thing.

In late January, two wind turbines built in Falmouth, Massachusetts, were targeted for removal due to noise and supposedly related health concerns sometimes referred to as “wind turbine syndrome.” Tuesday, Fox News’ America’s Newsroom covered the local community’s upcoming decision, saying that residents claim to have experienced “devastating” health impacts.

Wind Turbine Syndrome?

According to Media Matters, Turbine Syndrome has never been confirmed as real, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has no evidence that it exists. But, you know, If I watched Fox News every day and it began to make me nauseous, and if I were a superstitious old coot, I may also blame the wind turbines for something that could be easily cured with a serving of Activia. Or Brogurt, if you prefer.

  • IrishGrrrl

    “If I watched Fox News every day and it began to make me nauseous…”

    Oh, I am sooooooo going to claim “Shitty News Syndrome” on my disability forms.

  • CodpieceWatch

    Colbert discusses ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’

  • MrDHalen

    Wind Turbine Syndrome can easily be controlled with 2 nuggets of coal aspirin or a table spoon of crude oil a day.
    Side effects listed below in very small print:

  • bphoon

    For Faux News:

  • OsborneInk

    Strangely, no one on Fox is complaining about highway noise. Millions of Americans live closer to highways than wind turbines, which are quieter than highways.

    • muselet

      But but but highway noise is good noise!

      “It gets to be jet-engine loud. … Any time a blade is in a downward motion, it gives off a tremendous force of energy. That [unintelligible] as a pulse.” –Neil Andersen, who lives a quarter-mile from the turbines

      Right. And those pulses are sending you Morse code messages through your fillings. How does this man manage to walk upright?


  • Draxiar

    Oh and I bet that opponents of Cape Wind will try to use this to stall the project even more. I love my state but we do have our share of dummies.

  • Tony Lavely

    I’m happy to watch the grass grow under the six inches of snow that haven’t yet melted rather than tune in Faux News.
    So, I appreciate that others are willing to “take one for the team.” I just hope it’s survivable.

  • muselet

    Wind Turbine Syndrome?


  • trgahan

    Since only Fox News is reporting it, I have no doubt Wind Turbine Syndrome is real.
    I am sure this was followed by a story of the people in PA, OK, CO, and Wyoming trying to get oil and/or gas wells removed due to acutal adverse health effects. Followed by a health report of people living downwind of open pit coal mines and power plants.

  • dbtheonly

    Since when does Fox “News” have to deal in facts?
    Wind Turbine Syndrome makes a perfectly good “scandal du jour”. It makes President Obama & the Democrats look bad.

  • 1933john

    Not to worry, Daylight Savings Time is on the way.