Immigration Racism

Republican Outreach

Why shouldn’t Republicans support comprehensive immigration reform including a path to citizenship? In the words of Representative Lamar Smith (R-TX), because Democrats will give immigrants more free stuff and, as a consequence, they will vote for Democrats.

Does anyone really think Republicans are going to outbid Democrats on giving benefits to illegal immigrants?

And fifth, you have to be a little suspicious when liberal Democrats tell Republicans they have to support amnesty to win elections. Do Republicans really think they have the best interests of the GOP at heart?

Immigration is the field Democrats want to lure Republicans to play on. Why? Because Democrats know they’ll win.

With our short attention spans, it would be easy to forget that this idea that all “the other” wants is more free stuff was a central premise of the 2012 Republican platform. It was enunciated, quite clearly, by Mitt Romney himself in front of the NAACP. It’s also an idea virtually all of Romney’s rivals ascribed to during the primary season, and it was openly lamented by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News after it became clear that Romney had been defeated.

Even if immigration reform passes through congress — which is a big if — that fact alone is not going to stem the tide of the Democratic party’s broad, multi-racial coalition. Not because Democrats are going to hand out more free stuff, but because our hearts and our rhetoric have already been in the right place without the prospect of impending electoral doom.

Some Republicans are supporting immigration reform because they view it as an electoral necessity. Democrats are supporting it because it’s the right thing to do. And as long as Republicans, such as Lamar Smith, view immigration reform as some kind of financial transaction, their support will dwindle.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Well, in their minds, it couldn’t be because the immigrants simply want the chance to work at a job that pays more than the pittance they would get in their country of origin and then use that money to feed their kids more than the pittance they were able to feed them in that country of origin. It just mystifies me that Americans have forgotten why our own immigrant ancestors came to America in the first place. They came because their homeland sucked. At least mine did. My most notable Irish ancestor left a country that was starving and dying of various contagious diseases, where he was discriminated against because of his religion and where his only occupational choice was to become a Catholic priest or do absolutely nothing. To him and the immigrants now, the choice is to stay, live a crappy existence until they died some ignoble and sad death or come to America and work their butts off to make a better life. I’m sorry but the way that immigrants risk life and limb to come here actually shows quite a lot of chutzpah–it takes guts to leave everything you have ever known and go to a new country with a new language, culture, etc. And for those who do it because they have kids, it’s downright noble in my book. Smith can go eff himself.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Republicans should be barred from calling themselves the “Party of Lincoln”. If Abe tried to show up at a republican convention today, he’d be chased out of the arena under a hail of racial dogwhistles.

  • JozefAL

    Draxiar, I think it’d be even more ironic if the “winner” takes his “prize” and turns it all in at a weapons exchange program.

  • Ian Boudreau

    Hey, remember when a guy in Pittsburgh, wearing a bullet-proof vest and armed with an assault rifle, shot and killed three city police officers in 2009?

  • Draxiar

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the person that he gives the harware to gets the stuff and then shoots him?
    I certainly don’t hope for that but the irony of it would be karma with hot sauce.