Serious Gun Control Legislation Underway in California

The president started the ball rolling, but it looks like California is taking the strongest action against guns. Here’s a sampling of the legislation’s provisions via ThinkProgress:

1. Ban all semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines.

2. Ban possession of high-capacity magazines.

3. Ban “bullet button” conversion kits.

4. Bans shotgun-rifle combinations.

5. Universal registration of all guns.

6. Background checks on ammunition.

7. Regulating gun loans.

8. Prevent prohibited individuals from living in homes with guns.

I particularly love #6: Background checks on ammunition — the first step towards a Chris Rock Bullet Law.

Get ready for the NRA to spend a lot of time and money in California. Hopefully the other side will step up and properly counter the NRA.

(h/t DUI Attorney David Benowitz)
  • Art__VanDalay

    As a Canadian looking at this insanity from the outside I am increasingly beginning to think the US is screwed here, that too many people buy in to the bullshit and whose guns are an integral part of their identity (as stupid as that is) for the big shift that is needed to take place.

    Aside from hopefully starting a trend of getting other states on board to this type of legislation (good like with that in at least half the states), what good are laws like this if I can just go to the next state over with lax gun laws and buy whatever stupid gun I want? It seems to me that things have to happen at the national level for a real difference to be made (again, good luck with that).


    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      It’s illogical in a practical sense I guess, but I am heartened to see a precident. California has a history of leading the nation and one hopes this type of action will gradually be accepted and progress toward sane gun laws on a national basis.
      Unfortunately, backward welfare states of the old conferderacy will once again have to be dragged kicking and screaming from their disfunctional dystopia into the current age.
      Sadly, we use billions of dollars to make and protect guns whilst letting our citizens die due to lack of healthcare.

      • Dan Burke

        “California has a history…”. Unfortunately, we have two large media markets in the LA basin and SF bay. In order to control California, all one has to do is dominate those two markets. This fact is known to power brokers from outside of the state as is the history of California leading trends. Californians residing outside this sphere of influence are much more conservative in outlook.

        • Jone_of_Snark

          Gotta agree with you here. I work in San Jose but sometimes travel to our other office in Merced and Modesto.

          Driving over the hill to the Central Valley is like a time machine and a reminder to keep my mouth shut at lunches with my valley co-workers.

    • Dan Burke

      I am from the other side of the argument. California is in the minority of the states by a factor of 3 to 1. Half of the laws proposed by California are constitutionally weak. Constitutional questions revolve around multiple items in our bill of rights aside from the second amendment. Additionally, California’s existing laws have yet to be challenged in view of current judicial decisions. National legislation is limited by the 10th amendment. Previous national background check provisions have been struck from legislation on 10th amendment grounds.