Shorter Goodlatte: They’ll Take Our Jobs!

The fact that he would not allow an immigration reform bill that includes a path to citizenship to emerge from his committee apparently isn’t even the worst thing Representative Bob Goodlatte recently said to NPR.

“You’re going to have to have a program that assures those farms and those processing plants that there will be workers,” he says. “Because if you give them legal status, they can work anywhere in the United States — they’re not going to necessarily work at the hardest, toughest, dirtiest jobs.”

We can’t give them legal status because, if we do that, we will no longer be able to pay them less than minimum wage to do jobs that no one else will do. They may want our jobs!

  • trgahan

    At least Goodlatte is being honest about illegal Immigration debate having everything to do with the slave labor practices of our vaulted “job creators” than anything else.

    I remember a documentary of a massive flood in the Mississippi river delta in the early 1900’s. The black share croppers were stranded on levy. The white landowners had armed boy scouts surround the refugee camp to prevent the blacks from trying to head to the train station to move away to KC, St. Louis, or Chicago once the water receded because then there would be no one to work the land for slave wages.

  • mrbrink

    “They took our jobs! dagurdurgh…”

    I nearly broke my face and ribs laughing at this. South Park at its finest.

    And Republicans with their great government jobs know that If you give their slaves legal status, they might try to vote! or worse– runnoft and get elected to the Grand Ole Congry!

    When people of America, children of immigrants, people of color, eventually come to empty out the Goodlatte-trash, it’ll be funny to watch him have to look them in the eye for the first time in his life as only slightly less superior under the instituted laws of white men. Should be a bit of a culture shock for these mental shut-ins. Like Mitt Romney having to tolerate insolence from the help.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Shorter Goodlatte, “Heavens, we’ll lose our slave labor!”