• muselet

    The Skeeters aren’t convinced. If the comments at HuffPo are to be believed (if you want to read them, find the post yourself ’cause I ain’t linking), the entire Right is convinced the photo is ‘shopped.

    Arguments, if that be the right word, range from there’s no recoil to he’d have broken his shoulder holding a shotgun that way to skeet go up in the air, not close to the ground to (verbatim here) “IT’S A BLANK GUN.”

    Stupid never sleeps.


    • i_a_c

      It’s pathological with them. If Obama is ever right about anything their whole fantasy world will crumble around them.

  • Nefercat

    Instead of skeet birthers, let’s just be consistent with the word formation and call them skeeters. They are every bit as annoying as a mosquito and the noises they make have the same effect as a mosquito’s whine