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This week: Airplane travel is an exercise in humiliation; Podcast production values; Our speaking engagement in Tennessee; Guy Fieri punked with fake restaurant menu; Domain name laws; Republican war on science; Redefining science; Another Republican fumbles an abortion statement; Obama to urge Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8; Corpse Water; Bob’s most harrowing story ever; and much more!

  • Victor_the_Crab

    I’m having a goddamn fucking hard time accesing the After Party. My PayPal account was on hold because some fucking asshole tried to access it. The result was that my account setup to the After Party was put on suspension and I have no way of fixing it. I’ve had to cancel my subscription in order try and activate a new account with no luck. Bob, anyone, please help me out here because I don’t know what the fuck is going on here.