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Ted Nugent’s State of the Union

My Tuesday column begins like so:

Every time we travel by airplane, we have to endure a humiliating sequence of security measures. You know the routine. We’ve ostensibly done nothing wrong, and yet we have to take our shoes off, we have to take off our belts, our personal items have to be X-rayed or searched by hand. If we really look suspicious, we’re patted down and our, you know, bathing suit area is groped for weapons of terrorism. Hell, we can’t even bring a bottle of water purchased on the outside through the security cattle-chutes and into the boarding area of an airport.

For a while there, some of us were subjected to the ultimate in unconstitutional humiliations: we had to enter a futuristic chamber wherein our bodies were scanned and one or more total strangers caught a glimpse of what we look like naked. Your government, in violation of at least one constitutional amendment, mandated that your body be scanned and a naked image generated in order for you to be shoehorned into a flying tube that smells of feet and stress-farts.

And yet it looks like Ted Nugent will be allowed to attend tonight’s State of the Union address. [continue reading here]

  • nicole

    This is nothing less than WRONG!

    This man threatened the life of our president. This man represents much of what is wrong with this country, and yet he is to be honored with a seat at the SOTU, a mere stone’s throw from said president.

    A disgusting travesty, and I do not understand how the Secret Service can allow it.

    • bphoon

      …I do not understand how the Secret Service can allow it.

      At least they’ll be able to disarm and keep an eye on him.

      • Victor_the_Crab

        It’s not so much disarming this asshole. Is he going to open his big mouth and shout profanities at the president while Obama is talking?

      • nicole

        True, but he should not have the right to be there. Nor should the president have to look at his damn face during a SOTU. Nugent is nothing but a has-been musician/wingnut who has threatened Pres. Obama’s life at least twice.

  • Ned F

    Well, it took nearly fifty years, but it seems conservatives are finally comfortable, and willing to be seen with, men with long hair.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Did any Democrat ever bring Michael Moore to one of W’s SOTUs? Or Mike Malloy? Or Keith Olbermann? Or …. help me out, here….

    I know GOP fans will name just about any “Liberal™” they can think of as a profane and offensive far-left-wing firebrand equivalent to Nugent, but I honestly can’t think of anyone. Even Moore is not equivalent to Nugent, and as acerbic as Malloy can be I never heard him threaten to kill a Republican. Olbermann may be a pompous prick but he’s smart, usually right, and never threatened anyone.

    • Ned F

      You just spoke the second part of my comment. I saw some idiot comment abaout Pres Carter bringing Mike Moore to the 2004 convention as some rebuttle argument.(huh?). But try as I might, I can’t find anyone to fill the spot in the hypothetical, both sides do it situation. Imagine a Dem congressman inviting the opposite of Nughead to a Bush SOTU, and the resulting reaction. No, both sides do not do it.

  • ranger11

    Geez, “Cat Scratch Fever” wasn’t that good. If one-hit wonders like this can make it the SOTU maybe there’s still hope for the lead singer from Flock of Seagulls.

    • Brutlyhonest

      Hey! I liked Flock of Seagulls! As a young man, I saw them in concert on the beach lots of years ago as part of a weekend I still consider one of the best of my life! On the other hand, that weekend is one of the reasons I’ll never consider a run for public office.

      As for nugent, if I was running the Secret Service that asshole would probably shit his pants, again, while I ensured he was adequately searched before entering.

    • bphoon

      Like most bands of the time who eventually “went commercial” (think Styx, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Blue Oyster Cult) his early work is his best.

      Having said that, I think he’s a dick so fuck him.