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U.S. Citizens as Enemy Combatants in World War II

This popped up in my Twitter feed via Driftglass:

There were some US citizens who were members of the Waffen-SS, but no unit made up of American volunteers was ever raised (despite some claims about an “American Free Corps” or “George Washington Brigade”). According to figures from the SS five US citizens served in the Waffen-SS in May 1940, but after that date no numbers are available. [...]

At least eight American volunteers are known to have been killed during their service.

Numerous ethnic Germans who were born in the USA served in the Wehrmacht, for example Boy Rickmers who was born in New York and won the Knight’s Cross as part of 320. Infanterie-Division on 26 March 1943.

The big difference between World War II and the war on terror is the open-endedness of the current war, making these war powers especially dangerous.

  • chucklenuts

    Great post by Driftglass, makes me think, we will know when the world is sane again when Bob Cesca and Driftglass are in the Sunday morning talk shows, not the clown brigade of regulars we see now

  • i_a_c

    As I posted in yesterday’s thread, the 2001 AUMF is far too open-ended and I would love it if it were curtailed, or if some kind of process were set up by Congress to put reins on the targeted killing policy. But Congress blows.

    Advocates should focus their energy on changing the hearts and minds of the public so that such a thing is possible in the future.