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Rifle Sound Suppressor

Republicans in Montana are going all-in on passing the most insanely lax gun legislation imaginable which, among other things, will legalize silencers.

The House also backed measures that clear the way for nearly anyone to carry concealed weapons without a permit, and would allow the use of rifle sound suppressors when hunting. All three measures must pass a final vote before going to the Senate. [...]

It says that anyone who would qualify for a permit under current guidelines could carry concealed without getting a formal permit. People who determine themselves qualified would be exempt from having to actually get a permit. [...]

“This bill basically says if you think in your head you can carry concealed, then you can carry concealed,” said Rep. Margie McDonald of Billings.

Anyone who deems themselves fit to carry without a permit will be allowed to do so, and they can even use a sound suppressor if they want to.

It’s as if Republicans want more murders, more accidental shootings, and an overwhelmingly hostile environment for law enforcement.

I’m among those who believe our police departments have become overly militarized, but it’s increasingly hard to blame them for it as politicians spark an arms race between law enforcement and gun fetishists who, in some cases, are more well armed than the police. Police departments will prepare accordingly as additional barriers to your ability to possess weapons which you have no business possessing are broken down.

Legislation currently being considered by the Montana state House would also nullify federal law and regard attempting to enforce federal law as a felony. Because of course.