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All UN and No America Makes Rand Paul A Dull Boy.

In order to prevent the imaginary government takeover by the United Nations, Senator Rand Paul proposed an insane budget amendment on Friday to cancel our association with the free world.

For the advancement of international isolation and severed communications with reason and sanity, Senator Rand Paul seen an opportunity to amend the Patty Murray(D-WA) budget proposal to get to the American people’s work of being unserious paranoid imbeciles on the world stage.

For the sake of freedom and liberty, we must divest America from the promotion of freedom and liberty around the world!

From Think Progress:

An amendment was filed by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for just such a purpose, purporting to delete all spending related to the United Nations from the FY14 budget. Specifically, the amendment calls for a reduction of $7,691,822,000 in spending 2014 and 2023. That slash goes beyond even the most draconian of cuts proposed by House Republicans since they reclaimed a majority in 2010.

The key number here in Rand Paul’s amendment is $7,691,822,000– the amount it takes to secure a modicum of international understanding and world cooperation– and Senator Rand Paul, hero to “9/11 was-an-inside-job!” Liberals everywhere, wants to put that money toward noble causes– like perhaps his ‘Right to Life’ amendment he tried to pass just last week.

No word on whether or not Rand Paul’s amendment would defund Father Ron’s redress of grievances to the UN’s  World Intellectual Property Organization, but I think it’s safe to assume that the free market will just have to settle it with their guns.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Eh, the UN was just going to spend all that money on black helicopters and mind control drugs anyway.

  • muselet

    Defunding WIPO would definitely make holiday meals a little strained among the Paul clan. Ron “Crazy Uncle Liberty (!)” Paul (thank you, Charlie Pierce!) might charge Rand “I’m A Libertarian Except When It Comes To Ladybits” Paul double for passing the gravy.

    Incidentally, I can never remember which is the most important holiday on the libertarian/Objectivist calendar. Is it Ayn Rand’s Birthday or Atlas Shrugged Publication Day?


  • i_a_c

    So, does this mean that Rand Paul’s honeymoon with the Purity Left is over?

    • muselet

      Fingers crossed.