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Audio: Justice Scalia on the Voting Rights Act

via TPM

I’ve listened to this several times now and it appears to me that Justice Antonin Scalia’s argument has nothing to with the legality of the Voting Rights Act. He seems to be making the argument that the act is a “perpetuation of racial entitlement” out of personal resentment. As if he feels personally slighted by the law’s existence. And he clearly feels as though congress cannot be trusted.

The latter point is debatable, especially on a day like today as our various congresscritters skip town for the weekend as sequestration comes into effect, but Scalia isn’t suggesting congress is incompetent. What he’s suggesting is that congress is unduly influenced by their own constituents. Which, last time I checked, is the whole point of living in a democracy.

He also goes on to make the accusation that some congressional districts are “black by law.”

Justice Scalia is a very ugly man, and I’m not referring to his physical appearance. His contempt drips from every word.

(h/t Thomas Soldan)
  • mrbrink

    That’s some brilliant audio. Wicked motherfucker, right there. The idea that a Supreme Court justice of the free world could make such a pre-judgment based upon something he just pulled out of his ass called, “perpetuation of racial entitlement” should qualify for physical restraints and psychotherapy. He gets a gavel to bang it all out.

  • muselet

    First, Antonin Scalia’s obsessive recitation of the number of votes against the Voting Rights Act is utterly irrelevant to the constitutionality of the law or, more specifically, Section 5 of the law.

    Second, after listening to the audio I find it hard to believe anyone, no matter how far Right, could possibly think Scalia is a formidable intellect.

    And third, I do wonder if Scalia’s seething hatred of the Voting Rights Act would be tempered if the law were meant to protect the voting rights of Italian-Americans or moron-Americans or some other group of Americans of which he is a member.