‘Cutting the Deficit in Half’

Jed Lewison called attention to a tweet from the RNC demanding to know, “Whatever happened to cutting the deficit in half by end of first term?”

They’re not very good at math at the RNC. Here’s some help:

So as a percentage of GDP, the president actually did cut the deficit in half. Maybe not precisely at the end of his first term, but it’s damn closer than the RNC’s insinuation that it didn’t come close and most of the time they deliberately conflate the deficit and the debt to make it seem like the deficit has increased by $6 trillion when it actually, you know, hasn’t.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Yes, but Obama is still the biggest spender of all time because O’Reilly said so.

    Besides, Soros! ACORN! New Black Panthers!

  • trgahan

    What chance do your numbers have against a AR-15 welding middle aged, white male, “small business owner,” who didn’t care about all that debit or deficit spending from 2000-2008 wearing a tri-quarter hat and “don’t tred on me” t-shirt yelling “FREEDOM!”?

  • JMAshby

    Also — it would have been sooner if they hadn’t taken hostages to preserve the Bush Tax Cuts in 2010.