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Do The American People Need Bazookas?

Watch Senator Dianne Feinstein make Senator Ted Cruz look like a horse’s ass. As if he needs any help.

One, I’m not a sixth grader. Senator, I’ve been on this committee for 20 years. I was a mayor for nine years. I walked in, I saw people shot. I’ve looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. I’ve seen the bullets that implode. In Sandy Hook, youngsters were dismembered.


It’s fine you want to lecture me on the Constitution. I appreciate it. Just know I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve passed on a number of bills. I’ve studied the Constitution myself. I am reasonably well educated, and I thank you for the lecture.

Incidentally, this does not prohibit — you use the word prohibit — it exempts 2271 weapons. Isn’t that enough for the people in the United States? Do they need a bazooka?

Feinstein asks the pertinent question — do the American people need bazookas? It’s a rhetorical but important question to ask because it demonstrates the weakness of the argument that the government cannot place restrictions on certain types of weapons. Because if that were the case, nothing could prevent you from owning an RPG.

The ban on assault weapons cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee today and will appear before the full Senate.

  • Ryan Carson

    Cruz really took “mansplaining” to a whole new level.

  • trgahan

    Actually, if I was a gun nut who spends thousands of dollars I didn’t really have, while the gun manufacturers laugh at me, I’d be asking the same question as Feinstein. I mean, strategically, an AR-15 with 40+ rounds is only going to go so far defending yourself against Obama’s impending UN/Black Panther army. You’re going to need mobile artillery, like an RPG, to combat mechanized infantry and tanks.

    So IF the BS interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as some protection against the government that authored it is accurate, the citizens should have access to equal arms as the tax payer funded military.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Whatever you think of Dianne Feinstein, this was a veteran senator giving a smackdown to the novice. Cruz was acting like he was a high school debating team. He got a lesson that he’s in the big leagues now and his condescending attitude may well at teabagger rallies, but he needs to bring his A game if he wants to survive in the Senate.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Since when has a Republican had to bring his A game to survive in the Senate?

  • muselet

    Josh Marshall posted an email critical of Ted Cruz from “a Republican pal”, of all people. He also provided some useful—and relevant—history about Dianne Feinstein.


  • GrafZeppelin127

    Forget it. You’re never going to convince gun fans that any gun control law is anything other than a prohibition and/or confiscation of their beloved, rightful weapons.

    Gun grabbers! Banning guns! Confiscation! Disarming citizens! Gun grabbers! Banning guns! Confiscation! Disarming citizens! Gun grabbers! Banning guns! Confiscation! Disarming citizens! Gun grabbers! Banning guns! Confiscation! Disarming citizens! Gun grabbers! Banning guns! Confiscation! Disarming citizens!

    The beat goes on….

  • muselet

    I’m not a huge fan of Dianne Feinstein’s for any number of reasons, but every so often she does something like this that makes me reconsider, at least for a moment.


    • Scopedog

      Agreed. Then again, I’d give her more respect over Rand Paul any day.

      • muselet

        Well, of course. Who wouldn’t?