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There is nothing liberal or progressive on display here. There is no great, intellectual insight. There isn’t even a shred of intellectual honesty. Because if you go beyond the 5,000 word screed, you discover that what he truly believes is nigh indistinguishable from your average libertarian comment troll.

Responding to the implication that he should take more responsibility for his support of the Iraq War, Glenn Greenwald had this to say over at the Lawyers Guns Money Blog.

If you can go to a top law school, work for a NYC corporate law firm, supposedly do constitutional law for a few more years, and make it almost to 40 years old and not fully see through Bush’s warmongering …

Say the loyal Democratic partisans who revere Bill Clinton, cheer for Joe Biden, and will work in 2 years to put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, notwithstanding the fact that they did more than anyone this side of Dick Cheney to make the Iraq War happen, to say nothing of enacting the supremely bigoted DOMA, “reforming” welfare, themsleves bombing Iraq and imposing a devastating sanctions regime on Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of children, overseeing expansions of the Drug War that imprison huge numbers of minorities, all while swooning for the current President as he routinely kills Muslim children, expands secrecy, persecutes whistleblowers, protects Wall Street and torturers from prosecution, and eagerly and repeatedly proposes cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

Sure. Blame the Clintons for the Iraq War. Why not? It works for conservatives. They blame the Clintons for virtually everything else so why not Iraq too? Nevermind that both Iraq wars, and the consequences of them, were presided over by the Bushes and left to the next administrations to clean up.

As for President Obama — next thing ya’ know Glenn is going to tell me the president gleefully cut $700 billion from Medicare, right? Of course we all know the only thing protecting us from that darn Obama and his deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare (which he proposes “eagerly and repeatedly”) is the Republicans in congress.

To say the president “routinely” kills Muslim children — aside from being an incredibly ugly thing to say — is to imply that foreign policy is not a subject that the president takes seriously or one that weighs heavily on him while anyone paying the least bit of attention knows better.

To say this of a president who may be the only force standing between us and war with Iran, who just last week went into Israel and compared his own daughters to Palestinian children and told Israelis to their face that encroaching on and occupying Palestinian lands is not the answer, reveals to me that you more than disagree with him. It says to me that you hate him and that hate colors virtually all of your commentary from top to bottom.

I don’t feel the need to elaborate on the rest. Bradley Manning is not a whistleblower. Dumping hundreds of thousands of documents indiscriminately is not whistleblowing nor is President Obama singularly responsible for pushing the military to prosecute Manning within the confines of a court of military justice. Much of what Wall Street did was legal, but the Department of Justice has and continues to pursue civil lawsuits against them.

If I didn’t tell you who wrote that comment, you could have assumed it was any other random troll who has ventured into these parts over the last four years to tell us that Obama is worse than Bush and that a Paul, whether Ron or Rand, is the answer to everything.

I’ll file this one under “Wingnuts.”

  • mrbrink

    When you start convicting a Democratic party that is home to the country’s only Progressive caucus, Congressional black caucus, labor unions, women’s rights groups, environmentalists, community organizers, anti-poverty groups– you are fucking with the wrong people, motherfucker.

    I don’t care what good you think you’re doing for poor people, or people of color, if you’re diminishing their voice and strength in government by propping up a know-nothing fake ass fake populist fake do-gooder like Rand Paul while condemning the Democratic party and the country’s first black president for Bush’s war crimes before you’ve thoroughly convicted Bushco– you are a bullshit fucking hack, man.

    And Greenwald’s little big boy shorts crusade against the “War On Drugs” is pretty convenient giving him some cover as it has very little to do with martyring himself for poor people and people of color and more to do with freeing up the hillbilly meth heads in the Aryan brotherhood corners of prisons and trailer parks of America who think we would all be better off if the FBI, ATF and DEA backed off their modern day moonshine operations. It’s hardly a coincidence that Greenwald has defended White supremacists in his career over and over because Glenn’s efforts evidently rendered people of color all defended up by the time he gets there. If Greenwald catches any black people in his ‘Drug War’ net it’s only by accident. He’ll still take all the credit, though.

    Because this is the difference between right wing nut jobs like Rand Paul in places of power and the Democratic party.

    That’s Rand Paul fuck-assing his way through a sorry ass excuse for a logical argument about how food and nutritional assistance for the poor, and people of color, is money that could be better spent cutting taxes for corporations to set fire to our water and air and run off with our democracy one dark money funded negative ad at a time.

    Hearing Rand Paul crusade against the need for the federal government to promote so many food and nutritional assistance programs reminds me of Greenwald arguing against the need for the Democratic party.

    You don’t help poor people and people of color by propping up a half-wit fuck to attack the Democrats with unless you are a bit of a half-wit fuck yourself.

    • villemar

      This is brilliantly stated. Thank you.

      • mrbrink

        No, you’re brilliantly stated.Thanks, villemar.

  • jmichael

    Look at all this
    pitiful off the subject squabling. Most of the posters here are helpless drones
    (no pun intended) No wonder this site is so low rated while is a top
    online news site. Bob can only write for the huffington post and a few other gutter
    sites, Greenwald is a lawyer and has won awards for his work and his reputation
    procedes him, Even Alex Jones and his show and his site runs circles around

    Not that I agree
    with everything the two say.

    • villemar

      FYI, Greenwald hasn’t written for Salon in years. And it makes sense that you’re an Alex Jones fan. NWO! Killuminati! Project 21! Hot Water Burn Baby!

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Dear Glenn Greenwald: Fuck off!

    • jmichael

      Wow you’re a genius! Do you write for Jon Stewart?

      • Victor_the_Crab

        Wow, you’re an asswipe. No surprise considering how badly you wanna carry Douchewald’s water.

        • jmichael

          What a witty retort? Do you write for Letterman too? Keep sucking corrupt Obama’s cock while he disregards the law of the land.

          • Dr. Waffle

            And keep being an ineffectual loser who’ll never make a difference!

          • jmichael

            Just remember I now know where you post and have posted

          • i_a_c

            Just remember I now know where you post and have posted

            LMAO, this is the lamest e-thuggery I’ve ever read.

          • jmichael

            Well the piranhas are biting today. I didn’t know I was such a big deal, people actually like Bob and that most bloggers here are still waiting for their monthly government check. Hail Obamessiah!

          • Dr. Waffle

            *gasp* Good work, Sherlock. Your powers of deduction/clicking on my username are impressive indeed.

          • Victor_the_Crab

            And you keep licking and fucking Douchewald’s asshole with your tounge until he has his daily cumshot, fuckface. I’m sure he appreciates the effort a good little acolyte of his puts in.

  • D_C_Wilson

    I rate Greenwald as a more successful version of Lee Stranahan. He’s mainly in it to get attention and notoriety for himself. He offers no solutions to any problems. Indeed, he regularly attacks anyone who suggests any practical solution that is short of impeaching everyone past and present associated with this current administration.

    And honestly, the fact that his current political heroes are Rand Paul and Gary Johnson puts the whole idea that he’s a progressive voice into question.

  • pizzmoe

    Blaming Clinton for the Iraq war? It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  • IrishGrrrl

    I just read the stuff you quoted, can’t expose myself to the rest his swill. But just from this bit it appears that GG is essentially saying in regards to his taking responsibility for supporting the Iraq war, “well so should those other guys”. When I hear this excuse from my 9 year old I call it BS and I gotta call it here. Just saying “they did it too” isn’t acceptable nor does it absolve him of his responsibility.

  • bphoon

    Greenwald is a walking example of self-aggrandizement.

  • OsborneInk

    Great post, Ashby. There is indeed no “whistle” anywhere in Manning’s document dump. Greenwald’s loathing of Obama is indeed palpable in all that he writes. It is sickening to see him complain about DOMA and then give the president zero credit for not defending it, or for giving recognition to same-sex military couples, etc.

    • Scopedog

      “It is sickening to see him complain about DOMA and then give the
      president zero credit for not defending it, or for giving recognition to
      same-sex military couples, etc.”

      This, right here. President Obama has done more for the LGBT community than previous Presidents, but Greenwald prefers to shunt that fact to the farthest reaches of the solar system. And worse, he engages in blatant hypocrisy by supporting politicians (like Ron and Rand Paul) who are against _any_ kind of expansion of rights for those who are LGBT.

  • Scopedog

    To think that I actually liked this guy. Of course, I’ve woken up and have come to see him for what he is–yes, he’s got brains and can write, but he’s a smug, sanctimonious asshole who spouts out nonsense that veers very close to (and might even cross over into) racism, fucks with hard facts, and gives lip service to people who are in no way shape or form allies of Liberals.

    Greenwald is bad joke, and he’s been reeking for quite a while now. The sad thing is that he still attracts people to him like a freshly laid turd attracts flies. This POS from him that you posted is just one more exhibit detailing his descent into the level of “major league prick”.