Happy Anniversary

10 years ago today, the invasion of Iraq began.

J. Scott Applewhite  /  AP Photo

J. Scott Applewhite / AP Photo

Republican congressmen are still very concerned about what happened in Iraq Benghazi.

  • i_a_c

    Sweet Jesus, man. Last night I watched the Showtime documentary on Dick Cheney. And just like when I watched the Hubris special on MSNBC, it pissed me off all over again. I don’t think I knew that Cheney lied his ass off to Dick Armey to get him to vote for the Iraq war resolution. Cheney said that Saddam had direct ties to al Qaeda and was in the process of miniaturizing nuclear weapons. All just unmitigated bullshit. This is the only time I’ll side with Dick Armey on anything at all.

    Fuck Bush, Cheney, Rummy, and all the rest of the cabal that lied us into that hellhole in the first place. Fuck these imbeciles who we have to thank for twiddling their thumbs in Afghanistan in order to attack Iraq, and as a result leaving us no choice but to still be in Afghanistan now. The 2014 withdrawal deadline is not that far away anymore and hopefully we can finally put this disaster behind us.

    • i_a_c

      And fuck all of the rest of the butthurt Republicans, sad that they got raked over the coals for Iraq and possibly losing their “foreign policy advantage” for the foreseeable future, trying with little success to trump up the Benghazi thing as anything more than an unfortunate tragedy to scratch and claw their way back to relevance. Nobody said one goddamn word about the dozen or so attacks on US diplomatic assets under Bush. They are truly pathetic, to this day trying to make something out of Benghazi. The election’s over, nimrods. You lost.


    • JMAshby

      Looking back over it today made me feel the same way. Although I used the word “fuck” slightly less.

      I think I burned out my “fuck” muscle yesterday watching the gross rape apologia and slut-shaming in Steubenville.

      • i_a_c

        I think I strained my fuck muscle. I need to go to the fuck doctor and sit in the fuck whirlpool for a while.

  • zirgar