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Holder’s Letter to Rand Paul

It’s embarrassing that we live in a world where Eric Holder has to spell it out in small words that the president isn’t going to drone you while you’re at the buffet or sipping your lattes, but that’s exactly what he did today. Here’s his letter to Senator Rand Paul (cropped).


I believe the mockery is entirely warranted, because if you read closely it says “an American not engaged in combat.” Not engaged in combat.

If you actually believe the president would order a preemptive drone strike on an American on American soil who is not an imminent threat, I highly doubt this letter from Attorney General Eric Holder will persuade you to think otherwise. This is tinfoil hat territory.

Hopefully this marks the end of this latest absurd chapter of our bimonthly drone hysteria.

Update… The Senate has voted to confirm John Brennan as director of the CIA by a margin of 63 to 34.

  • trgahan

    With reactions in the Press and at “liberal ” websites like Huffington, looks like the GOP may have found the issue that will keep urban, college educated progressive voters home in self righteous snits in 2014.

  • JWheels

    If you look at the homepage of Huffington Post now there’s a wonderfully huge headline with some other things the tagline “Liberals Struggle to Explain WhyThey Didn’t Stand with Rand”… not that I’m surprised to see something like that on the Huffington Post but Jesus does it just make me wanna facepalm.

    • i_a_c

      Are you shitting me? Fuck no I won’t stand with Rand on anything. Ever. Nothing to give that rightwing safety net destroyer, discrimination supporter, free market supporter any credibility.

      • Victor_the_Crab

        I’d stand behind Rand Paul. So long as it’s in front of a steep cliff.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Holder should have added the following:

    “If you have trouble understanding the above statement. I will gladly retype it for you using a 144pt font extra bold, captain shit-for-brains.”

    • Michael Norris

      Heh, heh…

  • mrbrink

    Nope, nope, nope. The President’s record on national security has been an outstanding success, and we love success stories in this country so long as it never threatens the white power structure, so he’s going to have to just let shit happen like George W. Bush on 9/11 and then let Dick Cheney direct military strikes on U.S. soil from a bunker so Republicans can get their national security Mojo back.

    Drone policy is the bleached asshole of outrage porn. It’s required for close ups these days.

    • nicole

      I am so tired of the drone hysteria. They’re just after something to hit the Pres with.

      Fuck these jackasses.

      • mrbrink

        The outrage has no where else to go but back to the chicken and rat fucking farm. Turning the focus away from record corporate profits, record DOW, and the unprecedented wealth income inequality that it is breeding, or the Supreme Court in a position to repeal Sec 5 of the Voting Rights Act and soon Roe v. Wade, gun violence, or the future of Social Security, or any number of issues that people actually care about are being hijacked by a small cabal of self righteous zealots left and right.

        Going after the president for *hypothetical* drone policy when there are actual, visible problems to deal with right now, global warming deniers like Rand Paul being yet another, is as progressive as campaigning for Louie Gohmert for President.

        • nicole


          The fact that these people don’t get nearly as worked up over the serious problems we’re facing, such as those you mentioned like the challenge to the VRA section 5, and so forth, should prove for once and for all that the drone hysterical “progressives” are neither liberal nor progressive, they’re just this side of Republican.

  • Ametia

    Until Rand Paul removes that TOUPE, his brain will continue to experience oxygen deprivation! LOL

    • ak1287

      Nah, his brand of stupid runs in the family. Like father, like son.

      • villemar

        Yes but they both get to ride in the family’s whimsical jalopy.

        • ak1287

          If by ‘whimsical jalopy,’ you mean ‘that yellow bus that is noticeably shorter than all the rest.’

  • Ferallike

    So after 13hrs of a pointless filibuster trying to make Mt Everest out of a grain of sand, Rand Paul gets a well deserved smack down in the form of a 2 sentence letter. Perfect!

  • GrafZeppelin127

    For some reason this whole debate reminds me of a Seinfeld episode called “The Package.” Jerry refuses delivery on a package with no return address, and he and George bicker about whether either of them might ever be be the target of a mail-bomb. “You think you’re bombable?!?!”

    Strange. No idea why this occurs to me……

    • Ferallike

      Not strange! That’s a perfect analogy for how people are inclined to over-inflate their own self importance. What we should be asking though is what are they up to that would make them think they could hypothetically be the target of a drone strike?

    • Bubble Genius

      They think because they dare speak out against the guv’mint that they’re IMPORTANT and therefore likely to be DROOOOONED. And they make fun of the gold-buyers, I’ll betcha. Six of one…

      Adding: I’ll tell you what – they all remind me of Mel Gibson’s character in Conspiracy Theory, apart from the his being right part.

  • ak1287

    ‘Hopefully this marks the end of this latest absurd chapter of our bimonthly drone hysteria.’

    It really should. But it won’t.