Congress War On Women

House GOP: Lets Tie Contraception to a Government Shutdown. Because Why Not?

Defunding the non-existent organization ACORN isn’t the only wedge issue some House conservatives are attempting to insert into a continuing resolution to prevent a government shutdown.

A group of GOP representatives are demanding that any continuing resolution approved by the House repeal the contraception mandate included in Obamacare.

A group of House Republicans said Tuesday that a bill to fund the federal government should include provisions targeting the contraception mandate in President Obama’s healthcare law.

GOP lawmakers reintroduced a bill Tuesday to repeal the contraception mandate. They also pressed their party’s leaders to roll back the provision as part of a continuing resolution later this month to keep the federal government operating. [...]

Tuesday’s letter, led by Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.), indicates that fights over the health law could still roil the funding debate.

Because, as you know, if we simply deny women access to contraception we will usher in a new era of moral righteousness and economic surplus.

According to The Hill, the bill introduced by lawmakers led the Diane Black would also “allow doctors and nurses to sue if they are forced to perform an abortion over their religious objections.” And if you’re asking yourself what contraception and abortion have to do with preventing a government shutdown, that makes two of us.

It’s entirely possible that John Boehner will be forced to violate the Hastert Rule once again and pass a continuing resolution with Democratic votes

War on Women Fiction

  • IrishGrrrl

    “if we simply deny women access to contraception we will usher in a new era of moral righteousness and economic surplus.”

    The only surplus will be an excess of unwanted babies, too many botched back alley abortions, and poorer women and children.

  • John Ranta

    The GOP is supposed to be learning from their losses in 2012. They lost the women’s vote by a significant margin. And this “Handmaid’s Tale” legislation is going to fix that how?

    • Victor_the_Crab

      It won’t. But if you gerrymander the electoral college and other districts to the point that Republicans win super majorities, then you can do whatever you want to do to the people who “elect” you.

      • Tony Lavely

        And this is the real problem, isn’t it? Don’t stay at home in 2014!

  • GrafZeppelin127

    When has any doctor or nurse anywhere in the United States ever been “forced to perform an abortion over their religious objections”?

    • trgahan

      Well you see…I have a friend, who’s cousins father in-law is doctor is Nemotown, Idaho and President Obama sent his “cultural of death” czar to personally threaten him with a forced gay marriage unless he aborted the fetus carried by a born-again christian, blond, captin of the cheerleaders even though she wanted to keep it because the UN quota of white christian babies had been reached for the year….

    • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

      My guess would be…Never!
      But reality has never stopped the rightwing landslide of misinformation from Bullshit Mountain.
      I hope somebody ties Viagra, Cialis and all other boner pills to this legislation.