Koch Brothers

Koch Brothers to Purchase Local Newspapers

Ashby posted a quick link about this the other night, but it’s worth giving it a little more play. Your liberal media is about to become even less liberal:

Right-wing funders and business industrialists David and Charles Koch may purchase the Tribune Company newspapers, which include the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and the Los Angeles Times. The brothers are “interested in the clout they could gain through the Times’ editorial pages,” the Hollywood Reporter notes.

Knowing how the Kochs operate, they’re sure to make Rupert Murdoch look even-keeled.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The newspaper industry is already dying, but I guess they weren’t dying fast enough for the Koch-suckers.

  • muselet

    According to legend, News Corp had every intention of making over the Times of London as a conservative outlet. The editors are said to have sat down the News Corp minions and explained to them in words of one syllable that the Times had a reputation for accuracy and scrupulous fairness, and that—not the reader base, not the potential profits—was what News Corp had purchased, and once that reputation was gone, so was the entire value of the paper. News Corp backed down.

    I don’t expect that to happen at any of Tribune Company’s papers, especially after a couple of decades of mismanagement (most recently at the hands of potty-mouthed garden gnome, Sam Zell), but a man can dream.


    • mrbrink

      “…once that reputation was gone, so was the entire value of the paper.”

      I thought this was such an excellent point because $623 million for control of the front pages of major news papers and web content across the country seems like a bargain.

      • muselet

        Unfortunately, American newspapers don’t have the reputation of the Times of London, so that tactic wouldn’t work.


  • JoyP

    I guess that’s one less newspaper subscription (Chicago Tribune) that I will buy.