Economy Open Thread

Mission to Mars

The Married Mars Mission

Artist – Dave Granlund

In other news, U.S. stocks closed today at their second highest level ever and the highest point since 2007. A new all time record high could come any day.

If Wall Street doesn’t care about sequestration, I’m afraid congress won’t either.

  • IrishGrrrl

    The rise in stocks yesterday confounded me. I thought for sure they would fall as sequestration approached. Does anyone know why they rose? Is it because 1) Wall Street likes the idea of austerity (which doesn’t make sense economically)? 2) Wall Street wants to project confidence in the face of uncertainty (which is the most logical psychological reaction to the pending sequestration)? or 3) Wall Street wanted to send a big F-You to the President?

    • MiddleMittenLiberal

      My guess is #3!