Healthcare Rick Scott

Not So Fast

Although Florida Governor Rick Scott recently decided to do an about-face and support the expansion of the state’s Medicaid program under Obamacare, contradicting all of his previous rhetoric on the subject, conservatives in the state House have decided not to go along with his decision.

(Reuters) – Florida Governor Rick Scott’s plan to expand Medicaid coverage to cover about 1 million more poor people suffered a setback on Monday when the proposal failed to make it out of a key state legislative committee hearing.

On the eve of convening of the 2013 session, the House Select Committee on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act rejected the expansion. A Senate counterpart committee postponed consideration of the issue, which is sure to be one of the biggest controversies of the session. [...]

Republican legislative leaders have been openly hostile toward the plan, emphasizing that state lawmakers will make the final decision in drawing up a budget for next fiscal year.

In a situation reminiscent of the debate on immigration reform currently taking place in congress, the establishment has been overruled by the fringe who now has more power than the establishment.

It would be funny if not for the people who may go without access to healthcare because of conservative intransigence.

  • al walker

    U scumbag unamerican democrats are vultures. Every city town & state u have controilled has gone to crap, (Detroit, chicago etc). Yet u still try to inflict ur socialism on a country who succeeded because each American worked hard!
    Then this empty suit scum president gives the store away to lazy scumbags who vote with one hand & a welfare check in the other! Every Democrat scumbag in office is a thief with nothing to offer but lies & more lies so it figures democrats knew how to buy some votes!
    You even elected a muslim scumbag born in Kenya president. Its been 4 yrs now with no budget but its the GOP’s fault. U never mention every democrat in the Senate voted no on the last budget Obumma offered up!
    We conservatives can wait, we always work hard & save just so in times like these we dont have to go begging like democrats always do!

  • mrbrink

    Rick Scott’s a career scammer. He’s a pigeon-dropping grifter and seems to have made adjustments in the face game with his unbelievably uncharacteristically compassionate defense of expanding Medicaid recently. This is a sick and cynical party that can’t seem to keep their sadistic nature to themselves in keeping the reality of their policies that call for “balanced approaches” and “protecting the health of the mother” in the fine print on a contract locked in an ancient crate under the stairs with Sloth and Chunk.

    This is a party of quacks and loons desperately seeking relevance. Primeval survival instincts are taking over for some and the leadership void only needs to be filled with a more disciplined appraoch to comforting words and phrases. He likely knew that the nuts in the lower chambers of his party would stab it all to death in a blood ritual that he brought the beers to.

    What’s been shocking to me since the election of Barack Obama is the way the GOP came out as raging lunatics, going full-birther, talking about rape and “the takers” and showing no shame in calling a few billionaires “the American people.” The willfully pig-headed dumb-stupid authoritarian belligerence it takes to shock me after Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld is no easy feat. Bravo, motherfuckers. Bravo.

    • IrishGrrrl

      talking about rape and “the takers”

      Isn’t interesting how the takers are always accusing others of taking…the violators always accusing others of wanting to be violated…..It’s always someone else’s fault. The GOP has become the Ted Bundy of politics.

  • muselet

    What does it say about Florida that Rick Scott is the voice of reason on Medicaid expansion?