Quote of the Morning

“Ultimately, people forgive and forget and remember the good stuff you did. Is it hard to do? Yeah. But Clinton did it — he loves to work, he loves people, he loves to hustle. He’s a hero of mine. He’s a tough guy, he’s smart, surrounded himself with good people. And ten years later, he’s president of the world. It can be done. [...] The stain’s not going away — my girls will grow into it. My two little ones will grow into it. This stain will live forever. I’ll never get rid of it.” Lance Armstrong

Stain? That’s a weird way to put it, but yeah. People will always know that he cheated (in a field of athletes who were also cheating). I just don’t understand how his kids will “grow into” the stain.

  • muselet

    Well, if that’s what Lance Armstrong needs to tell himself so he can sleep at night …


  • James Laing

    Most the people who liked you remember the good stuff you did. Most of those who disliked you remember the bad stuff.

  • missliberties

    Lance Armstrong’s bigger sin is being a bully. He happily threw any team mate under the bus who refused to cooperate with Lance’s goal of being number one. He threatened lawsuits, destroyed careers. He is not a very nice person.