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Rand Paul’s Fantastic Ride Includes Introducing ‘Right To Life’ Bill

Not content with wooing the Senate chamber with a 12 hour filibuster of  The Civil Rights Act President Obama’s national security policy, recently– Rand Paul, who is now beloved by adoring partisans everywhere who stood with Rand! by Standing With Rand!– and who are still standing neck-deep in a pile of sold out priorities– has been busily shaping the course of America’s drone policy by introducing S. 583:

A bill to implement equal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn human person.

Doing the consistent, arduous work of leading the country to a world where Obama’s drone policy on fetuses can once and for all be constitutionally-enshrined as “Worse-Than-Or-Equal-To-Bush-And-Hitler” is all part of progress.

Incidentally, Rand Paul is using the 14th amendment to fight both drone policy and achieving the implementation of ‘Right To Life’ legislation. The 14th amendment is so versatile!

He’s on top of the bi-partisan world, and to make sure it is Rand Paul’s world, and not Mitt Romney’s again, CPAC organizers encouraged attendees to commit voter fraud if they had to, encouraging them to “vote early and vote often”(The emcee of the event is from Chicago, evidently, and wingnuts still believe then Mayor Richard J. Daley stole the election of 1960 for Kennedy even though Kennedy/Johnson won Texas, but okay.)with said douche saying outright, that “if you really really like a candidate, just plug in a bunch of numbers and vote again.”


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They can’t even hold an honest election among themselves! It’s just a conch shell!

But with “winning” so many partisan hearts and minds, left and right, Rand Paul knows that with great power comes great responsibility to make abortion a capital crime.

  • ak1287

    To be fair, Rand Paul was screwed from ever being a decent person from the start.

    You can’t have Ron Paul as a dad and turn out normal.

  • Judy Greenough

    Next time they’ll do what Idol is doing this year – you can cast 50 votes online in less than a minute, then they rave about the number of votes. Losers by any count.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Randy is the perfect combination of his father’s crackpot economic ideas with the theocratic vision of Rick Santorum.

    • ak1287

      It’s like the best of both worlds.

      And by best, I mean stupidest.

  • David Stephenson

    1). I hate Republicans. With a serious, visceral hate. Really. That being said;
    2). The “Vote Early and Vote Often” is attributed to Capone but is a well known phrase that I personally find rather humorous.
    3). Winning the CPAC straw poll means NOTHING.
    4). Save your ire for the real problems with the GOP.

    Love your Site.

    • mrbrink

      The winner of the CPAC straw poll and recently realized inspiration to liberals, Rand Paul, a sitting Senator, trying to introduce legislation that would criminalize abortion isn’t a real problem?

      I remember the good old days when Roe v. Wade and the right to vote meant something in this town!

  • muselet

    The people of Mississippi (!) defeated a proposed state Personhood Amendment by 16 points (!!) in November 2011. One would think that would have been a lesson of some sort, but no.

    The fetus fetishists have been trying to stretch the 14th Amendment to cover zygotes for years. Rand “I’m A Libertarian Except When It Comes To Ladybits” Paul can’t even manage to be original in his misogyny.