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Republicans Take Credit for VAWA Even Though They Voted Against It

Crazy Caucus member Steve King is just one of them. Check how brazen this is:

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), a potential Senate candidate in 2014, said in a statement that he supported the bill because he understood “the importance of reauthorizing VAWA.”

“I supported this legislation because I know how important it is to empower women in difficult situations,” King said. “If a woman is at risk, she should know that she has a place to turn for support and assistance. I supported VAWA in 2005, 2012, and today I voted in support of the House version to see that victims of domestic violence and sexual assault have access to the resources and protection when they need it the most.”

What King didn’t mention is that he voted against House passage of VAWA. Instead he voted for a more modest Republican substitute, which failed. Had his final vote carried the day, VAWA would remain expired and its reauthorization in limbo today.

  • zirgar

    I’ve made known my contempt and disdain for King before, but with each passing day and with every new hour he just becomes a bigger and more detestable pile of excrement. He really is a horrible and disgusting person. I wish harm to no one, but if something bad should befall him, like getting hit by a meteorite, I wouldn’t shed one tear. Not one. Fuck him.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Ugh! He’s disdainful as well as crazy. Here’s hoping the people in Iowa see through his bullshit.

  • mrbrink

    You can see the sincerity running down their legs. Now if they can just crash the economy and blame it on our creditors– a concept that the working poor whom Republicans are trying to punish and scare will surely understand– then they can blame The President for getting America repossessed by “debt collectors” and act like the manly shield for the womenfolk when The President’s Traveling Jazz Band and Reefer Madness Review policies are scatting back to Kenya on a one-way ticket from Father-knows-best.

    You’ll have his baby, women of America, and Republicans promise to love it like it was their own black baby Jesus, but you are to come home to white America this instant and you are never to speak to that boy again!

    It’s a patriarchal system they seek. This takes disciplining the country with grounding, no allowance ever again, and some forcible rape.

    It’s such a brilliant play on public relations that the psychotics can still be asked how best to fix all this. The Confederates and Neocons may be lying racist fucking war mongers working together with right wing Christian authoritarians and militia hate groups, but they seem to know something about leadership and governance!

    “We’re making sense,” says the psychotic congressperson fresh out of a six hour public relations sensitivity training seminar hosted by the one and only Frank Luntz.

    “That makes perfect sense,” says the right wing psychotic on the Supreme Court.

    “That makes perfect sense,” says the ‘both-sides’ ball-scrubbing psychotic on cable news.

    “That’s starting to make perfect sense,” says the woman getting an abortion in the back of a van.

    “Hail to the Chief Psychotic!” 60 million psychotics all cheer!

    “Today, as your Republican Father Commander in Chief Psychotic, I hereby order this day and every day after to be forever known as ‘National Psychotic’s Freedom Day!'”

    And scene.

    • muselet

      I’m not sure whether to laugh or flee screaming.


      • mrbrink

        Then this tragicomedy has succeeded!

        Stay for the laughs AND the screaming!

    • 1933john

      The Foxicates eat this shit up and then it is “facts”.

  • nicole

    Good God, they are completely SHAMELESS.

  • bphoon

    A similar law passed a couple of years ago here in Kansas. The major difference is the provision regarding a physician with admitting privileges. Planned Parenthood challenged the architectural provisions in court as an ad hominum law, I think, and got a restraining order put in place until the case can be finally decided. As far as I know, the only two clinics left in the state–in the Kansas City area–are still operating.

    Also, saw in Huffpost today that a similar law passed the North Dakota Senate and that a personhood amendment is gaining steam–expected to be on the 2014 ballot. Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota is quoted as expecting the proposed constitutional amendment to be ratified.

    Finally, Alabama has five abortion clinics?

  • muselet

    Sadly, No!’s Cerberus had this to say last October:

    Any woman who votes for the Republican Party for any reason is a fucking moron at this point. I’m sorry, ladies, but they couldn’t make it any more obvious that they hate you without being the director from A Serbian Film.

    I wouldn’t necessarily be quite that blunt, but I agree with the sentiment.


    • IrishGrrrl

      Not only do I agree, I like the tone. More women need to hear this, this way. Otherwise they’ll just keep being oblivious.

      • GrafZeppelin127

        IrishGrrrl, you want to weigh in here?

  • Brutlyhonest

    Virginia instituted similar rules for medical facilities that provide abortions ostensibly “for women’s safety.” Of course, plastic surgery facilities and other medical facilities that have higher mortality rates were not included. A politically appointed board deemed the rules unwise and refused to mandate compliance. So, the members who would not go along with the wingnut politics were replaced and the rules then “passed” scrutiny.

    These similar laws are not a coincidence. It’s all coordinated.