Resistence is Futile


I seriously enjoyed Chez’s post yesterday in which he staged an intervention in order to break me of my obsession with debating people like Sirota and Greenwald.

Not to spend too much time navel-gazing, but, again, it’s not only something I’m compelled to do as part of my somewhat argumentative personality, but it’s also kind of my job. I write and debate politics, and I’m trying to make a modest living doing so. Above all else, though, I’m a creature of the political discourse and sometimes making a critical point on various issues requires jumping into the fray against seemingly immovable people who strongly disagree, otherwise I’m only preaching to the choir.

Perhaps it’s delusional of me, but I think I can change some minds now and then. Even if the impact isn’t immediate, I hope to occasionally pull a Jedi mind trick and plant a seed of self-doubt that will eventually flourish into a change of mind. It can happen.

So nice try, Pazienza, but no. I have no intention of giving up as long as there’s “someone wrong on the internet.”

  • mrbrink

    Hahaha! This reply is why I love Bob. Brilliantly stout of heart and mind. Never give up! never surrender! The reasoning is even more endearing.

    I thought Chez had it a little backward because I’ve always thought of Bob’s sidebar throw-downs like a one-man public intervention. Kind of like, friends don’t let friends go out into the world with vote-depressing Naderite 2000 “both sides” bullshit in their teeth.

    So, yeah! Nice try, Chez! But your intervention just got Intervened!

    (Seriously, nice try, Chez. I was just kidding about your intervention getting intervened back there. I’m pretty sure it’s not even a grammatically correct sentiment. The point is you tried, and I think only a true friend would. I like that.)

  • zirgar

    I used to be this way, but a few years back I self-lobotomized with a power drill and now……………………….everything…………………………is…………………………..just………………………….

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’m with you, Bob. I have the same obsession/addiction and am equally in need of a Chez-ervention.

  • missliberties

    You Go, Bob!

    Even if it onlly enlightens just one person week. I have a similar type of argumentative personality and wasted hours at dKos to no avail. I posted on RedState for quite a while until they found me out and banned me. I still post on Powerline blog occasionally.

    It isn’t Greenwald per se who you might convince, it could be someone else reading the blog.

  • Chez Pazienza

    And I’ll continue having a life, Cesca. (Nothin’ but love, man.) : )

  • Dan_in_DE

    Love it! I’m borrowing this XKCD for my Fb wall — currently in the middle of futile arguments with wingnut relatives again..

  • MrDHalen

    Keep up the good fight Bob! It’s not about changing Greenwald’s mind, it’s about offering a countering argument to the jury standing in the public square.