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Steve King: The First Daughters Need to Show Some Austerity Too

Representative Steve King (R-Batshit) is joining the fight against Sasha and Malia Obama by shaming them for going on a trip for Spring break. Why? Because as the caller who questioned King said, everyone needs to tighten their belts.

First of all, the selfish entitlement of the caller drips from every word as she expresses her regret that she won’t be able to attend a party for her son because it’s being canceled as a result of sequestration. And with this in mind, how dare those Obama girls go on Spring break trip? Nevermind the people who will go hungry, be denied housing assistance, or kids who will be kicked off head-start, or federal employees who will be furloughed. She’s concerned about a party and the president’s daughters. She usually holds her tongue but the president’s daughters going on a trip while her son’s party is canceled was the last straw.

The irony is apparently lost on her that she’s speaking to Steve King. A man who supports the kind of austerity that leads to the cancellation of her son’s party, and a man who supports the Paul Ryan budget which would cut much deeper than sequestration.

With that said, Steve King responded by agreeing with everything the woman said and asserted that President Obama “needs to show some austerity himself,” and lamented that he “sent the daughters to spring break in Mexico a year ago” and that it was also “at our expense” (here’s a hint: that’s not true).

There is a creepy obsession on the Right with the idea that the first family is unduly receiving the benefit of Secret Service protection. From the NRA griping that the president’s daughters are afforded protection at school while regular children are not, to the frat boys at and Representative Steve King concern trolling about the cost to taxpayers. The narrative is clear — they don’t believe the Obamas should be protected as unquestioningly as previous presidents’ families were.

If you’re looking for a substantive story about the cost of accommodating presidential families, you could discuss how George W. Bush is the costliest ex-president ever, but as New York Magazine points out, it still doesn’t amount to one iota of the federal budget. And, by the way, the location the first daughters are vacationing at is hardly one of the “most expensive places” as Steve King asserts. You could easily spend far more at Disney.

The concern about the cost of protecting President Obama’s daughters is more than just a passion for belt-tightening. It also includes a toxic mixture of jealousy and prejudice.

Steve King is currently considering running for a Senate seat.

[H/T ThinkProgress]

  • rikyrah

    it’s because
    HOW DARE those BLACK PEOPLE be able to do something I can’t do.

  • trgahan

    I am still waiting for “number’s guy” Ryan or even King to lay out just how much more and for how long this austerity needs to be before magic of the free market makes us all millionaires.
    I know it is all really a scam to bottom out the tax code for the 1% and privatize the social safety net into a for profit enterprise al la the prision system, but if government is really like the family dinner table you’re either cutting (which only can go to zero) or finding ways to earn more. When does the earning part start?

  • Lady Willpower

    I never liked the way we on the left went after the Bush daughters either, but this has gone way too far. These sweet girls are minors. They’re not doing anything wrong.

  • GOVCHRIS1988

    Another case of, “How dare those Negroes live better than me.” Its obvious that knowing that Sasha and Malia Obama are having experiences rarely seen by black folks in America makes some white folks skin crawl. Plus, that woman is lost as hell, because she thought those cuts in spending were gonna hit minority groups and leave the white enclaves of America in its white paradise. The sequestration is showing however that, the old ways aren’t working like they used to and the cuts they subjected to minority groups are not so enjoyable once it hits them.

    I have had people on my Facebook decrying the sequestration cuts hitting their Navy Daughter’s tuition reimbursement yet saying that cuts can come from somewhere else (I.E. US! Minority groups) I got news for them, there is NO MORE TO CUT!!!!

    To the lady above, I’m just like Jill Scott at 0.39 seconds on this video.

    • MrDHalen

      This!! I have to say I take great joy in watching the privileged walls of people who think like this come crashing down.

  • Christopher Foxx

    There is a creepy obsession on the Right with the idea that the first family is unduly receiving the benefit of Secret Service protection. From the NRA griping that the president’s daughters are afforded protection at school while regular children are not, to the frat boys at and Representative Steve King concern trolling about the cost to taxpayers. The narrative is clear — they don’t believe the Obamas should be protected as unquestioningly as previous presidents’ families were.

    I don’t see that as the clear narrative. The main complaint I’ve seen folks make (granted folks of the frat boy and Steve King ilk that you mention) is about the cost of protecting the Obamas while on vacation, not to the existence of that protection.

    • Lady Willpower

      But what would the solution be? No more Secret Service? Or should the Obamas simply never leave the house again? Secret Service is not exactly a new idea.

      • nathkatun7

        I think for right winger’s the solution (may be Christopher Foxx believes in this too) is that “the Obamas should never leave the House again.” No vacations for the Obamas until the President solves the economic mess created by Republicans. As for the NRA, I think it’s leader wants no protection for the President’s children so long as every single child in America is not provided with heavily armed Secret Service protection.

        Like the Supreme Court said in Bush v. Gore, It is important to understand that the right wing attitude towards the treatment of President Obama and his family should not be used as precedent on how to treat future Presidents, and especially if they happen to be white Republicans.

        • GOVCHRIS1988

          Where do you think the “overexposed” meme from the media came from? Right wingers have a problem with Barack Obama and his family going out because he’s pretty popular around the world. Unlike the last Republican President, Barack Obama doesn’t have to worry much about being mobbed by Anti Obama nutballs. Hell, every crowd picture since 2008 shows throngs of people just enamored with President Obama, Michelle Obama, and the girls. Rarely, has a Republican had that treatment in about thirty years. I also think thats one of the other things they resent. That even though they keep blaming every economic failing that they crafted onto this President, that enough people saw right through it and reelected him and STILL like him. It makes them crazy. They have spent five years trying to get the country to hate all the Obamas and it just hasn’t worked.

        • Christopher Foxx

          Gosh. I point out Ashby is criticizing the jerks for an argument they aren’t making, and I get accused of being maybe racist. Nice.

          Can’t help but wish that folks on “our” side (that would be the same side as you, nathkatun (and Lady W)) wouldn’t be so wingnut-like in how they react when someone disagrees with what was said.

      • Christopher Foxx

        Lady W, do you think the complaints have been aimed at the existence of the protection, or at the expense associated with it?

        • Lady Willpower

          I think they will complain about anything Obama does, regardless of the cost. If he was paying for the Secret Service with his own money they’d somehow find fault with that, too. Don’t ask me how.

  • D_C_Wilson

    When King launched into his tirade in which he claimed it was perfectly legal rape a minor, then take her across state line in order to force her to have an abortion, and then dump her in a playground, he forfeited any right to be taken seriously.

    Honestly, it’s no longer enough of an excuse to say that looney tunes like King and Bachmann get re-elected because of gerrymandering. They are embarrassing to their state and their party. If they have any sense of shame left, local republicans should be combing the districts to find someone with half a functioning brain who can be a primary challenge to these nuts.

    All they need is one person who can make it through a two hour debate without demanding that the moderator put the lotion in the basket.

  • MrDHalen

    Hearing people like this is why it’s a good thing we grow old and die. So that hopefully, something newer and better than what we are today can rise and take our place in the future.

    It’s 2013 and hearing people spout stuff like this just makes me sad. I hope when Sasha & Malia reach my age, they live in a much better America than I.

  • Nefercat

    Loathsome, disgusting, un-American, dirtbag, racist weasels, every last one of them up to and including King and everyone of his pus-filled gasbag colleagues.

    Sooo republican, to pick on little girls, Amy, Chelsea, Malia, Sasha. People on the left rolled their eyes at the Bush girls’ hijinks (which were relatively minor, and both have settled down into gainful adulthood, as far as I know), but I don’t recall this kind of venom; damn close to hoping that harm comes to these children to “show” uppity Usurper Blackenstein what he gets for not knowing his place.

    Roast in the everlasting flames of hell, every last one of you humanoid hatebags.

  • Frank dave

    the government should not be (only in certain circumstances, and now is not the time)tightening its belt. a government surplus=a private sector deficit

  • Zen Diesel

    How dare those uppity negroes go on vacation at their parents expense….lol. Steve King is a wing nuttery asshole.

  • zirgar

    I wonder if Steve King has offered to have his salary reduced, you know, for austerity. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s important that he show some restraint while the rest of the country suffers. Fucking dickbag.

  • kushiro -

    On the bright side, I sure am glad that none of the execs of any corporations that were bailed out or got tax breaks are sending their kids anywhere for spring break.