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Super Stupid

Oh my God. This state lawmaker from Washington State is a raging idiot. I mean, over the top stupid.

A Washington State Representative who serves as a ranking Republican on the State Transportation Committee may be an unlikely proponent of a tax that would require everyone who buys a bike for more than $500 to pay a $25 fee.

His reason for supporting the tax, however, is raising some eyebrows in the Northwest biking community.

Rep. Ed Orcutt (R-Kalama) said in an email to bike shop owner Dale Carlson that, “since CO2 is deemed a greenhouse gas and a pollutant, bicyclists are actually polluting when they ride.”

GAAAHHHH! Really?! Good gravy, would someone please educate these hooples on greenhouse gasses?

(By the way, if the money from the $25 went towards new bike lanes and bike highways, I’d pay double.)

(via Josh Dobbin)

  • Morgan McIntyre

    Orcutt apologized for the over the top remark. You know, if anyone wants to actually do a second of research beyond the headline. Sometimes people make mistakes and I think that we do a disservice if we never allow for someone to say something stupid, apologize and learn from their error.

    • muselet

      From the link above:

      Update: Lawmaker admits line was ‘over the top’

      Not much of an apology.

      How’s about sharing a more detailed link with the rest of the class?


      • Morgan McIntyre

        The letter he wrote was actually pretty reasonable. I disagree with his take on the situation, but he doesn’t come across as the type of lawmaker that deserves scorn. Well, he deserves a little scorn, but he just doesn’t come across as a “Know-Nothing” type.

        • Treading_Water

          More of a Ready, Fire, Aim type.

          Or a someone who is willing to use a disingenuous argument that he knows is completely false to win an argument type.

        • muselet

          You’re right, that’s a real apology. Ed Orcutt’s still a dunderhead—breathing releases trivial amounts of carbon dioxide into the environment, and since transportation infrastructure is mostly funded through the general fund, bicyclists are already paying for what they use—but he apologized and I’ll give him credit for it.

          In our defense, jumping on Orcutt from a great height was not an unreasonable reaction. After all, some R members of Congress—and the R candidate for President last year—have said with a straight face that regulating carbon dioxide would necessarily mean regulating breathing.

          Thanks for the link.


          • Morgan McIntyre

            No problem. I shook my head when the initial story broke too. I live in the area though, so I got a little more exposure to the story.

      • Treading_Water
      • Morgan McIntyre
  • Draxiar

    I’m quickly being hurled to the point where I give up and say, “Just execute these fuckwits and let’s be done with it.”

  • chris castle

    He might be referring to the rescue cartridges used to inflate tires. Those contain carbon dioxide. Still…

  • GrafZeppelin127

    These people really are passive-aggressive teenagers, aren’t they. “Well, you know, CO2 is a greenhouse gas, and people breathe out CO2 while they’re exercising, so I guess we’d better regulate breathing too. Huh? Huh?!?!”

    Grow the eff up.

    • nicole

      They have passive-aggressive and idiotic down to a science.

      • muselet

        Wrong idiom: they don’t believe in science. (And before you ask, I’m not sure what the right idiom would be. English doesn’t seem to be structured to describe nitwittery like this.)


        • nicole

          This type of nitwittery defies rational attempts to describe it, Alo. :)

          • Brutlyhonest

            Nitwittery? NAY! Asshattery!