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That’s Not a Knife

Ryan's Budget Knife

Artist – Joe Heller

In other news, the story behind the bartender who filmed Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” remarks is interesting. Apparently he brought his camera to take a photo alongside Romney but was so soured by Romney’s words he felt it was his duty to share the infamous 47 percent speech.

Also — the Koch Brothers are still out there.

This is dedicated to Pope Francis

  • Draxiar

    Darn it Ashby! You got to the Psycho joke before I did!

  • mrbrink

    The night before Pope Francis was announced, I happened to be channel hopping and stopped on old reliable– Rick Steves’ Europe! and he was just happening to be touring Assisi talking about what a cool dude St. Francis was, to paraphrase a bit, explaining:

    “Assisi has long been a pilgrimage site. The big draw is that hometown boy who made very good: St. Francis. Around the year 1200, this simple friar challenged the decadence of church government and society in general with a powerful message of nonmaterialism, simplicity, and a “slow down and smell God’s roses” lifestyle.”

    I always feel so comforted watching Rick Steves on his(ours?) quaint little intimate tours of the world and cultures.(He did a really great episode in Iran a few years ago.) But after the episode had ended because time is evil, I was left thinking that if the next Pope should aspire to that of St. Francis, the church may one day find the road to redemption.

    So when they announced “Pope Francis,” and credited the name to Francis of Assisi, I was kind of surprised and thankful that Rick Steves gave me the heads up on a random rerun of his show that merely foretold the second coming of St. Francis.

    Answers, man. Rick Steves has the answers. It’s all there. I’m now considering worshiping at the Church of Rick Steves’ Europe and Latter Day Reruns. It has been foretold.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    The Koch brothers are like herpes. You can never get rid of them.

  • James Pekoll

    Of course you had to post the Stripes clip.