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The Most Terrifying Drone Ever! Run Away!

My Wednesday column begins like so:

When I began the day, I promised myself I wasn’t going to write about drones or Glenn Greenwald or the war on terrorism again, mainly because I’ve written four consecutive posts on the topic with slowly diminishing levels of reception and popularity. I should probably move on for a few days and cover one of my other ongoing narrative beats, but as you can plainly see, I simply can’t help myself. In fact, I started an entirely different post today (about this) until a tweet appeared on my screen that was utterly irresistible. And so I called an audible mid-play and opted instead to write about drones and Glenn Greenwald. Again.

Why? You’ll understand after you read this tweet:


The link takes you to a story out of Monroe, North Carolina, where the local police department has ordered — stop the presses and alert Code Pink! — a drone to augment its law enforcement efforts. [continue reading here]

  • mrbrink

    Ha ha!

    I read that Greenwald post you linked to recently where he’s defending his liberal street cred.

    It was all written so passively. Defending the free speech rights of white supremacists and hate groups, likening himself to the ACLU, and pretending that he ever wrote a post critical of Citizen’s United, taking CATO cash and basically fuck you-ing his way through his whole explanation… Wow.

    Greenwald’s history is laden with choices that have seen him throwing in with white supremacists while defending free speech for corporations. Rand Paul is the obvious evolution for any liberal-minded progressive, right?

  • muselet

    The money [to buy the Maveric] would come from the department’s asset forfeiture funds, not taxpayer money.

    That’s the drug-war link Glenn Greenwald was making, and it comes within spitting distance of accuracy, or at least it does if you’re good at spitting. (I dislike asset forfeiture as much as anyone, but that’s making a mountain out of a molehill.)

    If Greenwald thinks the Maveric is a scary scary drone (Be afraid! Be very afraid!), then there’s really no hope for him.


  • Treading_Water

    Oh sure, it’s just a tiny camera drone now. But it COULD be fitted with some kind of micro nuke or phaser, and the gubmint never sets it’s phasers to “stun”.