Epic Fail

The Path to Poverty is Back

Congressman Paul Ryan claims that we’re “not going to refight the past,” but that’s clearly what he has in mind as he proposes his most comical budget yet.

It has it all – tax cuts for the rich, repealing the benefits of Obamacare, ends the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare, block-grants Medicaid, cuts Medicare, block-grants foot stamps (SNAP), and it increases the deficit by counting fictitious revenue that will spring up from the ground if we simply water Wall Street and watch it grow. In short — it’s everything they ran on (and lost on) in 2012.

Perhaps nothing puts it in a better perspective than this

Romney Ryan Budget 2013

With the exceptions of Rick Perry and Scott Walker, virtually every other Republican governor that stood with the Romney/Ryan campaign in 2012 on the issue of Medicaid expansion has since caved and reversed course. The gears have already begun to churn and state insurance exchanges, which the new Ryan budget would defund, have long been in the works. There’s no going back.

This is a fantasy. It’s the junk-shot of every bad idea Paul Ryan has had since 2011 aimed at the leaking Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, except in this case what’s leaking is social progress and the GOP’s electoral future, not oil.

  • muselet

    Every year about this time, as Kevin Drum reminds us, Paul Ryan releases amid much fanfare his new budget, which every year is a slight variation on his budget from the previous year. And every year the innumerate, Serious People ooh! and aah! over the shiny new proposal as if they were watching a fireworks show on the Fourth of July, and shush the rude, Unserious People who know how to use calculators.

    Paul Ryan is taken seriously by the Serious People not because his proposed budget makes sense or might one day in the far distant future—and under highly unlikely circumstances—balance. He is taken seriously by the Serious People because he’s willing to hurt every vulnerable group in the country; that one characteristic is what makes one Serious.

    The next couple of weeks, during which our glorious news media (and not just the pundits) will gush over Paul Ryan and his magical budget plan, promise to be quite tedious.


    • D_C_Wilson

      Cutting programs for the vulnerable shows that you are being bipartisan, which the very serious people define as “giving the republicans everything they want in exchange for nothing”.

  • mrbrink

    This is like trying to sell Captain America on a high impact immediate action rapid deployment ballistic shield made from a lightweight transparent polymer loom and treason.

    It’s an insurance policy of tears, or more like selling us a suicide pact to collect the sweet commission on the county’s deluxe waterproof casket.

    Paul Ryan should be hauled off to a quiet room, feet dragging, muttering about pudding time and the evil boogers in his head.