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A Crypto-Anarchist’s Dream of 3D Gun Printing

Photo by Sam Mugraby

Photo by Sam Mugraby

Three dimensional printing technology isn’t new, but Cody Wilson, self-described “Crypto-Anarchist” and “Director” of a two-bit company called, Defense Distributed, isn’t at all happy with any and all talk of gun control and has taken it upon himself to see to it that no child in America goes hungry without their very own homemade AR-15 by their side.

On his company’s website, Wilson states that his self-deluded egomaniacal fever dream of developing a “fully printable firearm” is driven by his belief that a democratically-elected government like America should never stand in the way of anarchy and an armed insurrection.

With a product line that already utilizes 3D printing technology to manufacture 30-round clips for AR-15′s called, the “Cuomo Mag,” and “The Feinsten“– a clip made for AK-47′s– you would think that Cody Wilson would be locked up and studied under a microscope for using a gun clip to make a political statement that encourages the assassination of Democratically-elected public officials.

Nope. In fact, the A.T.F., in their gun-grabbing attempt to take away all our guns, issued a Type 7 gun manufacturing license to Distributed Defense– to manufacture and sell the “Cuomo” and “Feinsten,” via NBC News:

ATF spokeswoman Donna Sellers told NBC News Monday that Defense Distributed received a “Type 7″ license that allows the manufacturing of firearms, a decision made after the bureau “collaborated with law enforcement and the firearms industry.”

However, she said, the license “does not include manufacturing of automatic firearms,” and if Defense Distributed wants to make an automatic weapon, it will need to apply for another license to the ATF.

Wilson, of course, will fill out all the necessary paperwork and apply for further licensing as required by law because being a ‘Crypto-Anarchist’ requires some humbling conformity from time to time.

Last year, Forbes and Wired featured articles explaining how the gun lobby is excited about the 3D printing technology that would virtually bypass the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988.

But I just have to ask, because my childlike sense of wonder demands it– if the terrorist lobby knows that we’re all going to be able to make our own undetectable guns in our homes using our trusty secondhand 3D printer we can pick up for a few hundred bucks, why are violent gun nuts still threatening and bullying the country into a constant state of pusillanimous resolve?

  • D_C_Wilson

    I’m surprised the gun lobby is so excited about this. If 3-D printing technology advances to the point where anyone can make a gun in the privacy of their own home, why would they need to buy them from Smith and Wesson? This could kill their profits even faster than a total ban on firearms.

    • muselet

      Three possibilities: 1) the gun manufacturers don’t think 3-D printing will produce usable firearms in the medium term; 2) they think their brand names add sufficient value to the product that people will continue to buy; or 3) they think they can sell plans to the people using the printers.

      Make that four possibilities: 4) the gun manufacturers have absolutely no idea how to respond.


      • mrbrink

        Also, they seem to be using this as a reason to basically say, there’s no point of gun regulation anymore. See? We’re all going to be swimming in guns soon enough all in the name of peace and freedom. Now how’s about we oil a grenade launcher together like the pottery scene from Ghost?

  • Aaron Wallace

    personally while i dont want a gun I want to be happy about this development ultimatly this will lead to more legal oversight of munitions the only part of the ar-15 you cant print with a 3d printer, also its going to take a while before the price of a capable printer is less then the real deal rifle… really though i feel like this is a genie we cant put back in its bottle much like twitter is to autocracy and stazistates

  • jewelbomb

    Doesn’t “crypto” mean secret? Dude, if you self identify as a crypto anything you’re doing it wrong.

  • muselet

    The irony of a “Crypto-Anarchist” carefully following rules and regulations is rich—almost as rich as the name of his company (defense against what, exactly?).

    … [W]hy are violent gun nuts still threatening and bullying the country …?

    Because it gives them a happy? Because it’s all they know how to do? Because they have all the maturity and self-awareness of poorly-socialized fourth-graders? All of the above?


    • D_C_Wilson

      I’m sure it has something to do with their tiny dicks.