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Boss Limbaugh: The Unemployed Are Useless Eaters. Should Be Homeless.

Boss Limbaugh explains that there are too many useless eaters in this country and they’re all dragging us down.

Limbaugh: In America today 90 million people aren’t working. 90 Million. Last month, folks, 633,000 people stopped looking for work. The labor force participation rate grew by over half a million people in one month. Those are jobs that have vanished. Every one of those people is eating. And pretty much what they want to eat. And every one of them has a cell phone. And every one of them has no trouble getting around. And they all live somewhere.

Why are the unemployed allowed to eat? Why are they allowed to have a roof over their heads? Shouldn’t they be in the gutter where they belong? Why are they allowed to use public transportation?

This is par for the course for Boss Limbaugh, but I just want to point out that this open disdain for the poor, the less fortunate, or those who are simply unemployed at this moment in time isn’t something that dispatching Paul Ryan or Macro Rubio to inner cities is going to erase.

The demographics of being poor or unemployed are inescapably tied to race in this country. And as much we try to sweep the statistic under the rug, unemployment and underemployment is significantly higher among minorities and is rarely cited alongside the national average unemployment figure.

Of course many of those included in Limbaugh’s 90 million non-working people figure are unable to work due to disability, those who are seeking a job but can’t find one, and those who have exited the workforce permanently for retirement. This broad brush Limbaugh uses to paint America is the same toxic brush Mitt Romney used when he waxed about the 47 percent to a private gathering of the rich and shameless.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find the Republicans running against the 47 percent by another name in 2016.

  • Lady Willpower

    Rushie wants all the food for hisself.

  • Zen Diesel

    What an entitled prick, I just this ass clown and all the other Randites move to a piece of land far away from the States, and live their utopian bullshit dream, and leave us the fuck alone.

  • IrishGrrrl

    What’s really twisted is that a lot of white unemployed or underemployed men listen to him and love what he says. They’ll be listening to this crap and nodding right along never understanding that he’s talking about them! Same thing with the 47% remark by Mitt. Almost half the country voted for Mitt in spite of his obvious contempt for those very same people. These kind of people have it in their heads that somehow they’re better than other people and that they “deserve” better. So, of course, Mitt and Rush weren’t talking about them!

  • Kitty Smith

    God save us all from the tyranny of poor people with food.

  • Clecinosu

    Limpballs eats more than anyone I’ve seen, and I find everything he says useless.

  • Bubble Genius

    Limbaugh would like the poors to go to debtors prison, like they’re reviving in Ohio.

  • Nefercat

    “And every one of them has a cell phone.”

    So fucking what, Rush, you stupid fat bastard? I have a Tracfone (cell phone) because I can use, and then replace, exactly as many minutes of talk, or days of airtime, as I can afford.

    I also have a Magicjack+ (is the “+” too much for your sensibilities, you stupid toad?) which costs me but $20/year and has replaced my landline.

    And in this day and age, in my isolated rural area, internet access is a necessity. Besides the fact that some creditors charge more for snail mail payments, and it is my civic obligation to keep abreast of current events (my 8 page local paper doesn’t quite make it), it is important to keep tabs on what you and your ilk are up to in regard to stomping on people like me while allowing the Mitt Romneys of the country to take and take and take, benefiting from the laws and regulations of this country, while giving nothing back, and while keeping all the proceeds of their profiteering overseas.

    Fuck you, you stupid bastard. You aren’t working either, you gasbagging blowhard.

    • muselet

      Oh, don’t hold back on our account. Tell us what you really think. :^)


  • Grant Beaudette

    Clearly when you lose your job you should go into Demolition Man-style cryogenic storage until the market picks up.

    • Bob Rutledge

      No, they should be fodder contestants on Running Man.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Fat fuck bastard! Someone needs to lace his next ham shank with enough cyanide and rat poison so that he can die numerous, painful times.