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Brothers in Arms


Artist – John Cole

This isn’t very reassuring for, you know, the health of our society

State Rep. Bob Thorpe (R) sent an email on Thursday to all Arizona House and Senate members, inviting them to attend an event this coming Wednesday at the capitol, where someone from a company called Arizona Tactical is scheduled to educate lawmakers about the protective vests it sells. [...]

“Just like our police and DPS (Department of Public Safety) officers, you typically wear the vest under a shirt or top, which conceals their use,” Thorpe wrote, adding that the company would cut the lawmakers a deal and offer the vests at the same price law enforcement officials pay.

A special discount on body armor for lawmakers.

Somehow I don’t think we’ve reached the bottom of the barrel yet.

  • mdblanche

    If the 2nd amendment is supposed to be about preventing government tyranny, then aren’t these Arizona lawmakers cheating?