Chart of the Day

Surprise! According to the Center for American Progress, states with the weakest gun laws have the most gun deaths as illustrated here.


Your chances of being the victim of a shooting as a result of lax gun laws is greatest in Louisiana, while residents of Hawaii can live relatively safe and sound.

The study from CAP includes many other nuggets of information such as the killing of 500 police officers since 2002 including 72 in 2011 alone, 63 of whom were wearing body armor. Additionally, 92 percent of officer deaths as a result of a violent assault involved a gun. And according to the report the “10 states with the highest rates combined have a rate of law-enforcement agents feloniously killed with a firearm that is more than double the 50-state average.”

South Dakota and Louisiana occupy the number one and number two slots respectively for the greatest number of shooting deaths of law enforcement.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Some anecdotal evidence….I’ve lived in both red and blue states and I have noticed that in the red states, particularly here in AZ, that there seem to be many more officer deaths due to guns than the blue states. And considering that AZ has such a small population….it makes it even worse.