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Denying Conspiracy Theorists A Domain

Right wing conspiracy theorists were especially shocked and mortified this past week to find out that two troubled young men– and not government sleeper agent lizard people– were actually the ones who were responsible for the Boston bombing, setting in motion what will likely be a continued lifetime of disappointment.

When reached for comment about their false false-flag-waving, every conspiracy theorist in history responded with, “pfft, it’s all a conspiracy, man!” before nervously looking around ‘the perimeter’ and demanding to know, “are you recording this?!” and, “you’re recording this, aren’t you?!” and, “who are you working for…?!”

But because of some welcome initiative by some enterprising Americans, Boston bombing conspiracy theorists will have to get even more inventive in establishing a first line of credibility which one most certainly needs in order to disseminate The Truth Behind Shit and be taken seriously in today’s free-for-all media environment– an internet domain name:

Theorists attempting to use the domain,, will find themselves too late. The URL has already been secured by a person concerned it could be used to host conspiracy theories.

Two similar domains, and, have now also been bought up by people attempting to keep them out of the hands of real conspiracy theorists.


So, when you click on,, for instance, you get:


Suck it, nut jobs. But because I’m a helper, I suggest something along the lines of, “”

At the very least, this should keep them busy for a few months until Obama’s thugs come to take away absolutely nothing again.

  • Dennis Collins

    During a return trip to New York this past week I was radio surfing and came upon the “Savage Nation” with Michael Savage. Some masochist urge took hold of me and I listened (or was it tortured) for about a half an hour. Thankfully the majority of the time was occupied with commercials. I’m at a loss for sufficient profanities to describe this program. Savage rants on about how he is not a “journalist” because he is too intelligent and only losers would enroll in journalism school which is one step below poli-sci. Then on to how many briefings were cancelled by the FBI, then how we were going to hear the “truth”.

    As best I can recall from my now damaged brain cells; There was a Saudi national in the hospital under armed guard (with machine guns); The Saudi ambassador flew into DC unannounced and met with the President (no details of conversation); The afore mentioned Saudi is being deported immediately so he can’t be interrogated; The media isn’t telling the truth, the politicians aren’t telling the truth, the FBI is lying, Obama is turning the country over to some religious sect.BUT you dear intelligent listeners know the TRUTH! Two million people have already seen the evidence (on some web site) and we need to get the word out NOW.

    Sorry but one of the logical fallacies is: A is true, and B is true, therefore C is also true. How is it that Savage has any audience or are there that many zombies with radios. Sorry, strike the zombie insult, they don’t deserve it. If I could remember the advertisers on the Savage Nation, I would be certain never to purchase from them.
    I now know that there are worse things than “reality” shows, I hope I haven’t damaged too many of my brain cells.

    • mrbrink

      If you ever feel the need to do that again, please do! Savage is a vile creature.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    What muselet said. I fear this is just the beginning. Republicans and their Right Wing Entertainment Complex™ will attempt to use the information about the brothers, and Russia’s inquiries about them, so they can blame it all on President Obama and his administration, and make their lives even more miserable as possible. They also may try to use this against Hillary Clinton should she decide to run for the White House in 2016.

  • muselet

    Never fear, conspiracy fans. Sabrina Siddiqui reports that Lindsey Graham and Peter King (speaking of empty vessels for stupid) went on Sunday yak shows to screech that the FBI should have had the Tsarnaev brothers deported or under surveillance or something because the Russians asked for information on the older brother in 2011.

    It’s all hot air, but when has that prevented Lindsey Graham from suffering the vapors or Peter King from maligning Muslims as terrorists?

    Expect the conspiracy mongers to run with this non-story starting this afternoon.