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Glenn Beck and Right Wing Media’s Terrible Week

It was a terrible week for the country, but it could be argued that it was almost as bad a week for America’s media standard. With CNN earning the gold medal in the bullshit Olympics, it was actually worse for right wing media outlets covering the manhunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers that ended with the killing of one suspect, and the capture of the other. But before the right wing media conspiracy theories had a chance to really drive up the price of gold and guns again, almost getting away with it had it not been for the meddling kids with their facts– Glenn Beck and The Blaze were totally blowing the lid off the Saudi nationalist-Obama-government-cover-up of a lifetime.

It was going to be the impeachable offense Wingnuts have been pining for– Bigger than Benghazi! Bigger than Fast And Furious! Like chocolate death panels falling into their Obama’s FEMA camp peanut butter, right wing media was giddy with anti-Obama sugar rush dementia.

Early in the confusion to find the suspects, initial reports had suggested that a 20 year old Saudi man was taken into custody, but not to be weighted down by information and facts, Glenn Beck took to twitter, his radio program, his internet show and his Blaze website all week to push the conspiracy theory that this was all part of an Obama-government-false-flag-operation to take away our rights and guns, or something. After Department Of Homeland Security had emphatically stated that the Saudi national was not a suspect, Glenn Beck assured his audience of geriatric bomb shelter cowards that:

I believe this is possibly the ringleader, this guy is absolutely involved, and we are flying this dirt bag out of the country because he has connections and we are covering up.

That was just the tip of the melting iceberg:

We at the Blaze know that this Saudi national is a bad, bad, bad man … This administration is playing an extraordinarily dangerous game. They have very little regard for what it takes to be a citizen. Before the sequester cuts happened, they opened the prison and let illegals out. Who does that? Remember also, the Saudi national that was — is about to get on a plane — involved in blowing the legs off of American citizens, being held in protective custody or being protected, at least, by our administration. He will be put in protective custody and the plans are to deport him. (emphasis Glenn Beck)

That’s a lot of crazy for one paragraph. I should know. I speak fluent crazy. But Glenn Beck concluded his week long investigation by stating that the Obama administration is aiding and abetting terrorists, and we, as Americans, should be demanding impeachment for all things Glenn Beck pulls out of his ass. Not to be deterred by new information and facts, I’m sure that right wing media will continue to insist that this was all part of an Obama big government liberal media conspiracy to make right wing media look certifiably insane. I expect Glenn Beck to announce tomorrow on his radio show that he intends to blow the lid off the government conspiracy to debunk conspiracy theories.

  • Dennis Collins

    …Americans, should be demanding impeachment for all things Glenn Beck pulls out of his ass.You are absolutely correct, we should be impeaching the fecal matter Beck pulls from his ass.

  • muselet

    I said a long time ago, Glenn Beck needed to amp up the crazy to stay relevant in Righty media. That meant appearing to be as big a whackaloon than Alex Jones.


    The privacy and physical safety of an innocent man are irrelevant to Beck. Facts and reality are irrelevant to Beck. All Beck seems to care about is the attention he can attract to his various enterprises. The only thing he couldn’t work in was a pitch for his glibertarian theme park/subdivision.

    I liked Glenn Beck a lot more—well, I disliked him a lot less—when he was just another grifter out to hoover the spare change out of Righties’ pockets. Desperation has made his scams vicious and destructive.

    I expect Glenn Beck to announce tomorrow on his radio show that he intends to blow the lid off the government conspiracy to debunk conspiracy theories.

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he did.


    • nathkatun7

      I wish there was a way that young Saudi guy could sue Glenn Beck for defamation.

  • js hooper

    I was shocked to see so many of my friends on Facebook posting bullshit spewed by Glenn Beck and Alex Jones after this bombing…I can’t believe so many people take their insanity as serious information…I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone that the people on Facebook who were most susceptible to this bullshit and willing to spread it, were all self identified Republicans and Libertarians…The kind who love Ron Paul

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Another reason – among many – why I don’t use Facebook.

    • http://www.facebook.com/frederic.poag Frederic Poag

      They are mostly. There was an article that was shared by one of my Facebook friends about New York state revoking the gun license of a man. “It’s a government takeover!”

      I looked to see who the source of the story was and behold it was The Blaze. When I pointed out that right off the bat I doubted the creditability of the story considering the source I got the “That doesn’t make it any less true.”

      Technically no it doesn’t, but given The Blaze’s track record I’m sure a simple Google search would’ve shown me it was complete bullshit, or at least overblown and distorted.

      But it wouldn’t have mattered. Libertarians are the new fanatics and no matter what evidence you present to them it’s already discounted.

      • muselet

        But of course we’re the closed-minded ones.