• hamletta

    Alex Jones apparently has fans in the Muslim community, as well. There was a Letter to the Editor in the Tennessean this morning with the “stinks to high heaven” quote. Also, “The truth is, Muslims were not behind 9/11.”

    Yeesh. I can understand not wanting to be lumped in with murderous wackaloons — I’m a Christian, but so is Eric Rudolph — but that ain’t the way to go about it.

  • trgahan

    I would add that there are four possible reasons these paranoid delusions are running up the Republican power structure:

    a) The economy is improving but the improvement is very unequal. People are slowly turning their attention back to why “job creators” are banking huge windfalls while the rest of us are being told to keep tightening our belts. They need the Muslim/Government boogie man to distract us again.

    b) The Recovery Act didn’t turn us into Greece and Obamacare hasn’t destroyed our nation.

    c) American is really pissed at the GOP for blocking new gun regulations.

    d) The results of the GOP’s recent survey told them that 99.9% of their platform is a hindrance to future national elections. Their initial response has been to further restrict voting rights and now they want to convince us that there is another reason Republican politics are so unpopular.

  • i_a_c

    Wow, that Fox News “liberal” Bob Beckel is spreading anti-Muslim rhetoric. What a not-surprise!

  • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

    “enjoying the way a conspiracy theory makes them feel”

    Why would they “enjoy” how a conspiracy theory makes them feel?

    a) Because they can claim to be “the only one who knows the truth”. This makes them special. Of course, we know it’s just “short bus special”.

    b) Because they can play the victim and being the victim means that they are justified in striking out at those who are different and justified in their hate of anyone who doesn’t believe the same. Sounds kind of like religious fanatics, doesn’t it?

    c) Because their tiny pathetic lives suck and they’re desperate for an explanation that doesn’t include the fact that they actually DO suck.

    d) Because it confirms their paranoid delusions and having one’s perception of reality confirmed is very comforting. Unfortunately, reality rarely conforms to our perception of it all the time. Any mentally healthy person should EXPECT to have their perceptions challenged quite frequently in life. But not these nuts.

    e) Because they can convince more gullible, uneducated people that it’s true and scare them into giving them their money, their vote, and/or their allegiance. And profiting makes any conservative capitalist a very happy camper. Who cares if it’s fear that’s being capitalized, amiright?