GOP Rep: Poor People are Like Zoo Animals. Don’t Feed them.

“When you go to the zoo, there’s a sign that says please don’t feed the animals. There’s a reason, because they keep coming back.” -Missouri Rep. Paul Fitzwater (R) on why he opposes Obamacare

Missouri State Representative Paul Fitzwater says he doesn’t object to the Affordable Care Act providing tax credits to a reported half million residents of Missouri beginning in 2014, but he doesn’t believe in the expansion of Medicaid because, like zoo animals, The Poors will keep coming back for more if you throw them a scrap.

  • linusbern

    That’s how I feel about the rich. They are like diseased racoons who keep knocking over your garbage cans looking for a tax cut. If you give them one then they’ll be back with all their relatives tomorrow demanding more. Sure its tough, but you got to tell those rich they can’t have it all, it helps them build moral fiber when you refuse them.

  • Candace Castle

    This is what I’m up against, living in Missouri. It’s very trying.

  • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

    Would y’all consider it a dog whistle?

  • Christopher Foxx

    The signs in zoos are because a) the animals are already fed a diet appropriate for them and b) the food visitors throw into cages is most likely not.

    Now, if Fitzwater wants to make sure folks are already fed healthy diets and getting proper medical care, then I can see why he might oppose expansion of Medicaid.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    This is a very old argument.

    • muselet

      Indeed. Didn’t some R congresscritter (I want to say it was John Mica, but I could be wrong) a few years ago make the same argument, only he likened the poor to alligators?


  • Draxiar

    Zoo animals didn’t ask to be in their cages…and neither did poor people.