Epic Fail Taxes

Governor Bobby Jindal Handed His Hat, Shown The Door

After Louisiana Governor Howdy Doody dropped his proposal to eliminate the state’s income tax while increasing sales taxes by over 40 percent, he reiterated his support for the idea and asked the state legislature to tighten the rope around their own necks rather than his. The state legislature has now responded by dropping the proposal.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Joel Robideaux all but ended the debate over repealing Louisiana’s income tax Monday morning, indefinitely deferring a slate of bills that would have phased out the tax over multiple years. The move, which Robideaux said was driven by opposition to the plans among committee members, all but ends the months-long debate over the income tax and would make it difficult, if not impossible, for the measures to be resurrected this year.

“Unless the committee members have a change of heart, I think its probably dead for this session,” Robideaux, R-Lafayette, said.

It can’t be stressed enough that Bobby Jindal was unable to convince enough people to eliminate income tax (!) even though he’s a Republican governor with a Republican-controlled state legislature and an overwhelmingly-Republican population.

That’s how bad of an idea it was.

  • trgahan

    Of course no one wants this…just look at how all the ex-burbs, towns, and municipalities that shifted all their revenue to sales tax and housing starts in the 2000’s have done since the 2008 crash.
    They would need to maintain an unrealistic economic grow rate just to make it work. Since most corporations are fiscally managed internationally, the tax “savings” would leave the state and the state would lose the ability to train and maintain a work force, Even a moderate downturn would devastate a state for decades if the majority of its income was from sale taxes.

  • ninjaf

    Never fear! North Carolina is gonna giver ‘er a go!